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“Hearing the name Uncle Pooch one might be forgiven for thinking they’d come across a character from Homer Simpsons’ stint as acartoon dog with Itchy & Scratchy, but press play on the Seattle-based band’s latest long-players – Oneirophrenia and Untitle aka Sonarch (pick them up here) – and one encounters a genuinely dangerous vibe. Predominantly instrumental, this is unmistakably metal in origin but slashed through with diamond tipped punk drive and freaky psychedelic verve. Pile driving intense, Uncle Pooch is also never less than absorbing, music perhaps best understood cranked to “11” while one does countless bong rips pants-less atop a massive subwoofer. One is forced to use broad strokes in describing the undulating writhing and skittering of this pair of releases because Uncle Pooch isn’t like other bands. Really. Yes, moments like the album-side-length title cut from Oneirophrenia suggest what Metallica might be like without all that Hetfield...”

"...A range of influences is an understatement. While the core of the music rings true to its metal underpinnings, there are quasi-orchestral overtones that baffle and confuse the senses with their perplexity. To put it simply, it’s like the beginning stages of a savage and frantic acid trip where you’re not sure what’s happening but you know everything just changed..."

“What truly glorious, sandblasting heaviness! Seattle's instru-metal Uncle Pooch are beatifically hard - real dark of night, one toke over the line stuff, creepin' outta the shadows of your subconscious stuff - that they puncture with curious, oddly beveled noise and a strange, sinewy electronic wind instrument (courtesy of saxophonist Greg Sinibaldi, who delivers buckets of texture & tone), Middle Eastern left turns and numerous other elements that keep one guessing...”

Dennis Cook - jambase.com - Creepin Outta the Shadows of Your Subconscious

“Named after a character from David Lynch’s 1990 film “Wild at Heart,” Seattle’s Uncle Pooch are a thrashing, experimental metal quartet. The group are performing in support of their sophomore album Oneirophrenia (the follow up to 2010’s Conduct Unbecoming), released last month via IBCT Records. The album features frenetic arrangements punctuated by blast beat drumming, heavy riffs, and avant garde solos. Just when you think you have the right rhythm to headbang to, the tempo changes and the music takes off in a different direction. Check out this clip of the group performing at last year’s IBCT SXSW showcase to see what you’re in for: ”

- Julie Cochran SSG Music - Blast Beats and Avant Garde Solos

“The Sunset Tavern is having a night of all-local Prog Rock, with Uncle Pooch, Blame It On The Girl, and The Filthy None. Uncle Pooch is the black sheep of this show, having a much heavier metal sound than the other two bands, and specifically lists Ween and Mastodon as influences along with Naked City. They get some points for taking their name from a “Wild at Heart” character, and the kind of clever song title “Assault and Battery Acid.””

Nick Lazalere - Black Sheep