Uncle Don Clark / Press

“In this episode of Horror Rises from Spain I got to interview the one and only Lone Fleming , the Spanish cult actress who worked for Ossorio, Eugenio Martín and many others, showing us that she is not only and actress but an artist, painter and animal lover. During the show you will listen to the Music of Uncle Don Clark, an great artist from Tennnessee, who is selling his solo albums on the net and you can get them and help Down Syndrome association of middle Tennessee because 50% of proceeds from his online music sales will go to this association from now until October 19! You won’t regret getting them, first because you are helping people who needed and secondly because the albums are awesome!!!!!!!”

“For the 18th year in a row, The Secret Commonwealth will fill the The ‘Boro with sounds of mandolins, flutes and guitars. In fact, that’s where the band played its first-ever live performance. Watching them pass instruments back and forth is nearly as entertaining as the music itself. Guinn plays guitar, bass, mandolin and sings, while Campbell plays guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica, percussion and sings. Uncle Don Clark comes in with guitar, banjo, harmonica, percussion and vocals—and believe it or not, he started out just playing spoons. Then Hashiguchi chimes in with his whistle, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, doumbek, alto saxophone, ebass and his vocal chords. To a lesser extent, he also plays hammer dulcimer, feet, low D whistle and tambourine. “One of the prerequisites to be in the band is that you have to be able to juggle,” Campbell jokes. Uncle Don replies, “I’m the smart one. I just sit here quietly and people hand me stuff.””

“A Sammy B favorite, Don brings a very unique style to the stage. A Celtic and folk rock musician Don really knows how to entertain the crowd.”

"Up Close and personal is the way you feel when you sit down with Uncle Don"