Uncle Bengine and the Restraining Orders / Press

“Here’s another straight-up rock jam from Funny/Not Funny Records, that little analog label with a lot of Southern charm.”

“Uncle Bengine and the Restraining Orders, 'Comes in Nines'. Whiskey soaked tales of love and loss with a driving groove and very nice musicianship all around. A good mix of weepers and rockers.”

“Comes In Nines is the first full length from Uncle Bengine and the Restraining Orders and they fit a lot of piss and vinegar into the album’s 33 minutes. Like 23 More Minutes, this Harrisonburg, VA trio is not afraid of genre bending. In some songs they mix the old Bay Area pop punk sound with more traditional country instrumentation, like in “Jesse Lee and Daniel D” and the title track, “Comes in Nines.” On other songs, such as “Devil’s Blood,” they follow in the footsteps of The Gun Club and inject that lonesome desert sound into the musical stew. The album also has some pretty fantastic cover art.”

“Schlabach, who is a member of the DIY Americana band Mild Winter, takes it slow on They Grow Up So Fast, with the pedal steel of Jason Summer emphasizing the melancholy of his songs. He captures the feel traveling on the Virginia Roads and falling in love (College Home).”