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"We younger oldboys can associate to The Move or The Kinks, to Bowie ca. Space Oddity… Naturally to the harmonies and melodies of Lennon/McCartney. But still: Uncas has a voice of his own, an original inflection. He doesn't copy, he simply has the same gift."

"Uncas Tribe, great sound! I am happy to join your circle of friends."

Sarah Perrotta, MySpace

"Great stuff, we like it!"

Lost.minds, MySpace

"You are totally great!"

Operation Morning Breeze, MySpace

"This time baby is real nice. Love your voice!"

Jaqueline Kroft, MySpace

"You are great!!"

Professor Popsnuggle. MySpace

"Very good stuff…"

Soundlimited, MySpace

"This sounds really good. Cool groove and awesome singing!"

Oskar II, MySpace

"Wonderful and genuine. The voice is awesome and sensitive.Cool!"

Josefin, MySpace

"You sound really good!"

Pilot 22, MySpace

"Awesome voice!!!!"

Du Pacque, MySpace

"Love the songs, love the voice!"

Paul Sumner, MySpace

"You sound fantastically good! I particularly like Room Full of Mirrors."

Anders Hjelm, MySpace

"Your music is great and a pleasure to listen to!"

LAD Records, MySpace