Ukulele Jim / Press

“Catchy, sweet, and charming... In a sense, listening to Ukulele Jim is like falling in and out of love in Hawaii. A dynamic album, illustrating raw emotion and presenting it in a light-hearted, easy-listening fashion. A deep, romantic undertone is suggested throughout the entire album, but the playful ukelele pop creates a musical juxtaposition that keeps listeners from feeling burdened.”

“There is no doubt that Jim is a special musician with a lot of offer. His breezy tunes combined with lyrics that range from humorous to personal keep you hanging on and waiting for the next song. I wonder if he is really pushing the envelope enough since the songs seem so effortless and almost perfect.”

"Central to Clark’s appeal is his inviting singing voice and the ukulele’s unique ability to create a friendly, relaxing mood anywhere, anytime... a winning formula."

“Jim's songs are utterly charming, with lyrics that are are clever, funny and, above all, sweet.”

“Jim’s voice has nice tone and excellent control. Really catchy, great melody, great production... Ukulele Jim has done it again.”