Uh Huh Baby Yeah! / Press

“Uh-huh Baby Yeah! hit the mark with Trash Talk, embracing emotions often overlooked and underutilized by other artists.”

“This band is not on a mission to redefine the genre, but they definitely managed to put their own spin on it and make it their own. I’m sure we will all be hearing about Uh Huh Baby Yeah much more as they continue to progress and mature.”

“That’s most evident on the stand-out track, “Dead Friends,” which Fletcher sings with a facile vehemence that builds to an almost metal-like intensity even as the chorus stays rooted in pop.”

“Singer Kevin Fletcher has fantastic vocal delivery throughout the entire record. To put things into perspective, it is as though Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw, Head Automatica) and Bert McCracken (The Used) had a love baby and it was adopted and raised by Ben Liebsch (You, Me, and Everyone We Know).”

"What the industry needs is a real game changer. Something to bring rock & roll back to what it was meant to be, fun and dangerous. The fans want it. They're tired of being spoon fed the same old stuff and record sales are showing it."

“These guys took a great rock n’ roll attitude when they took the stage, using the incredible melodies and rifts to draw listeners in to a rock zone. More information about the guys and all the things they love can be found on their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/uhhuhbabyyeah.”

“Uh-Huh Baby Yeah! is the perfect band to listen to when getting ready to go out on the town or for background music at a party. Their music makes you want to get up and shake it on the dance floor. Members of the band, Kevin Fletcher (vocals), Sean Smith (drums), John Braboy (guitar), Chris Armstrong (bass), and Johnny Goebel (guitar), get together and play music that they love and that they know their fans will love to party too.”

“Be on the look-out for these guys who just signed with Little Heart Records in Louisville Ky. Kevin Fletcher, vocals; Chris Armstrong, bass; Sean Smith, drums; and John Braboy, guitar, combine their individual talents to make a unique rock sound that people will want to shake their ass to. They were called Creatures but have recently changed their name due to copyright issues...”

“Claiming to possess the “Rock & Roll Attitude” of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, this high-energy group features a singer that has the pipes of a young Steve Perry and a drive within its music that does not relent. Creatures! makes Big Power Rock with an hyper, underlying dance-ready groove. Dig: Fall Out Boy trying to make inroads at the dance clubs.”

“The second band to support Secret Lives!… was Kentucky band, Creatures. I liked these guys. They have a definite Alternative influence, but there was something about them that I really enjoyed their set. their sound all around was pretty awesome! Really, I wouldn't mind seeing these guys play again and I have to put them as my second favorite band of the night.”

“Having just come off a date at the Vans Warped Tour in Cincinnati, southern Indiana outfit Creatures embark on a 10-date tour in late August, with an appearance at Dollfest in Columbia, S.C., on Sept. 4, and Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati in late September. ”