Ugochill / Press

“The Superb Unsigned Multi-Diverse Music Artist, Ugochill!”

““Home” is the stuff that dreams are made of for rock guitar fans and guitarists alike”

“If your looking for something new to sink your ear drums into then look no further.Hailing from Amsterdam we have Ugochill .....”

“The opening track on the EP, Solitude is fully loaded "Just In Time to be Late" The way that it loses itself in the playing is truly mesmerizing affair that has to be heard to be believed.”

“It would be a damn shame if Ugochill’s music didn’t come to proper attention of fans and music professionals who will just be in awe of the big, tight, well-produced sound.”

“Great Album , Great songs that range from heavy rock, some with a hip-hop flavour to beautiful melodic rock.”

“We have been working with our Dutch based music network in Rotterdam since July, 2007 and a lot of the artists and acts that we have worked with have recommended that we check out a music project called UGOCHILL. It is a collaborative project based in Amsterdam and Belgrade and is the brainchild of Aleksandar Radojcic. It is a really cool music based project that we absolutely love here at Twenty1Zero Media. Truly an excellent concept and one we are really impressed with too.”

“Hailing from a variety of Eurocapitals, Ugochill exercise their wide spectrum of musical credentials on this excellently produced album. It’s one of those records that stubbornly refuses to be pigeon-holed but conjures up at different moments vivid images from rock’s history.”

“Let's Go ..F&*&*G HELL... What a song! Zoveel muziekstromingen zijn verenigd in dit nummer... Geweldig! Kwist niet dat dat zomaar kon... :) Ongelofelijk!”

“Ugochill feat. Alen - Take me Down Great song. Nice and understated. Reminds me of the moment when you realise you've spotted an 'almost' friend walking towards you down the corridor and you've both clocked each other but you don't know whether it's the right time to speak yet, or whether you need to get a little closer. So, you start to look around you, staring at walls and air con grills until you reach an appropriate distance where you can indulge in an ultimately facile conversation. Like this song, people. Great flow!!!!”

““ I like the mix of guitars and horns - hasn't been done in a while. ””

“Mama. The song is very interesting and the arrangement is quite impressive so people will have the chance to listen to it and get attracted.I love the style of the music because it is full of melody and people will enjoy listening to it....”

“Please. Good song, nice and simple. Drums accent the other instruments with its steady beat. Guitars and vocals not the normal thing you always hear. Nice chang of pace.”

“Hey is pretty great tune.The backtracks are very ambient, full of colors and the vocals are very soothing, relaxing and melodic. good song! 8/10 ”

“Ugochil Productions - Ajmo Ajmo Good Work! There’s a diferent vibe on it, a mix of hip-hop, eletronic and rock. Very nice, very original, and good production too.”

"Paper" Intro is nice. i love thunder. the guitars are groovy and heavy. I like how this rap type singing is , reminds me of Kid Rock , but I am really impressed.The production is extreme. This song sticks in the mind. its heavy. I love the rap.