Uglyography / Press

“Uglyography are poised to take over the reigns as the next up and coming “Virginia” band”

jesiO - AltDaily

“Uglyography pops with the enthusiasm that one would expect when listening to a good CD. UNDERCOVER NEW MACHINE is a damn good album. It's enjoyable from beginning to end”

Andy - The Biggest Letdown

“Even in his own head he can barely hear himself think. This is strong songwriting and excellent excecution.”

Jacob Rothberger - Accidental Texan

“Nice packaging guys. The CD comes in a case made of two wood pieces with etched in artwork held together with a couple pieces of twine. The songs are poppy punk rock with bouncy rhythms and fun guitars. It reminds me a bit of Elvis Costello with its rhythmic vocal delivery and songwriting. Nice.”

“Love Boat is an impressive and entertaining collection of intelligent underground pop tunes. Songs are the ultimate treat here. Smart, inventive pop tracks include "Keychain and Beads," "Clouds or Nothing," "Going Away Party," and "Catchin Up." Good stuff. (Rating: 5) ”

LMNOP - Babysue