“With typhoon , storm of metal accompanied METALIC STORM, a storm from Canada , TYRANS BLOOD NEW album arrival ! ! ! ! ! Power-Up in all ! Shades of BLASPHEMY thicken naturally , powerful unmatched by force , such as going down Shibaki one and all the listeners ! ! ! You just keep running is done anymore! ! Since I think of what no idea whether or thing , please convinced listening ! BLASPHEMY fan who is always there ! ! TYRANTS BLOOD / Into the Kingdom of Graves (ex BLASPHEMY) ¥ 1690 "The Traditional Sodomizer of the Goddess of Perversity" of ex-BLASPHEMY thing , WAR BLACK / DEATH METAL band of the world's most evil of Mark , TYRANTS BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and self-produced 2013 2nd full album appeared to be ! ! ! A WAR A perfect sound , killing power is up considerably from the previous group of works ! ! ! BLACK / DEATH sound noisy black dos chaotic is Osoikakari , but I am proud of the dexterity of each part distinguished after all , it is easy to listen to good sense.”

キーワード: フルアルバム - Ancient Metal nation

“Featuring Marco Banco who once crushed the 6 strings of hell in the legendary Blasphemy, Vancouver, BC’s Tyrant’s Blood do their country’s long heritage of waring death metal proud with their 3rd full-length, Into the Kingdom of Graves. Intensity teetering on the brink of chaos, Tyrant’s Blood erupt with fury on the leadoff track, Spiral Sea. Time changes and a hammering attack fein the passing thought of scattered recklessness musically, but after 3 listens to this song in a row, the band is so in synch with each other, the performance is quite remarkable. This is what I noticed first… a destructive and busy sound with an audible bass grit, and then the songs began to rise from the firestorm as something to be behold. Orthodox song structure isn’t a concern in the world of Tyrant’s Blood which does make this material a bit difficult to hang onto, but the orchestration is so ravenous, it’s hard to turn away from the carnage.”

Marty - Worm Gear

“Third disc from this Canadian Vancouver quartet, "Into The Kingdom of Graves" a feast for headbangers and radical aficionados of extreme Metal. After all, what we have here are songs that follow the roots of Death Metal with that whole aura of malevolent beginnings of the style. The band is not indulging in frilly riffs . Listening more carefully you will notice the influences of Thrash and Black Metal, but the Metal of death becomes more present when the riffs are accompanied by blast beats and deep vocals. Despite the dirty production, a degree of technicality is in this band. Mainly the whole is extremely aggressive with interesting twists.The low vocals of Vinnie Borden and the battery of Matt Blood mark a strong presence and are not just mere additives. There are 10 brutal compositions, where the emphasis is on the songs Disowned and Defiled, Conjure the Watcher and the title track. If you enjoy extreme sounds without frilly riffs, rustic, primitive, but that incorporates certa”

Arte Metal

“Canada’s Tyrants Blood is the epitome of all that is metal! Speed, ferocity and attack. ‘Crushing Onward Into Oblivion’ is a masterpiece of Death/Thrash Metal in the vein of classic Sadus, Morbid Angel, Possessed and Morbid Saint.”

Darragh O'Laghaire - Invictus Ireland

“Anyone serious about REAL Death/Thrash cannot fail to be impressed by this masterpiece of Canadian brutality! ”

Darragh - invictus records

“Anyone who has heard this album to date has had their faces torn off”

Metal Ireland

"All I can say is *%$#@!! What a record!!! It's a monster."

Invictus Productions

"Totally stunned from the rage and from the precision of this band.DEVASTATING!"

Covenant zine

“billowing black clouds of amorphous dread, Graceful and oft-martial angles rendered tuneful and timeless; entirely urgent and even breathless but mindful of song-intensive pacing what you wish more extreme metal sounded like.”

Nathan T.Birk - Metal-Maniacs

"Tyrants Blood have developed into a force to be reckoned with."

Graham Mackskimming

“Tyrants Blood are a rather no-nonsense band: they rip through these three and four minute tracks with alarming speed and aggression”


“evokes more furious headbanging while boggling the mind with a wide variety of first class passages”

Metal Eater

“vicious force in the vast Canadian underground scene, which has undoubtedly started to gain momentum in their career.”

Metal Rules

“Tyrants Blood is sworn to the name of underground metal of the vilest form.”

LuXi Lahtinen

“All the infernal hordes of Hell... Rise up, and take this unholy land from the mortals! ”

Metal Rules