Typhoid Rosie / Press

"Keep an eye on this band...an album that spans a tremendous amount of space. In regards to style, each song tries to capture a different idea, making the band as a whole difficult to pigeonhole into a box. What is absolutely clear, is that regardless of style, the band can play and is extremely tight throughout. Whether it is the old school soul tune “Shine” or the classic punk “The Citadel,” the band is up to the task and is worth listening to on that alone. This band is driven by the powerhouse that is Rosie Rebel though. Vocally, she comes across as a mix of Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson. There is a velvety quality to her voice that is apparent throughout."

"Every single day I go to work, I listen to BAD-A** Typhoid Rosie. Though the lyrics alone could make you laugh or cry, the MUSIC is just plain, GREAT. The voice and versatility of the artist and musicians on this LP are exactly what a urban train ride needs. There is something about the oscillation of the tracks on shuffle that is distinctly unique, there are some constants though, and they are.. FLOW, RHYTHM, and SOUND. If you plan to take on the world, or you plan to take over it, THE MUSIC ALBUM will kick start your FREEDOM."

"Typhoid Rosie has a sound that is extremely colorful and excitingly different. Their debut release, The Music Album is amalgam of intriguing and mind bending music. The twelve track album takes you on a wild musical ride of rock and roll. Their music makes you laugh and smile. The lead vocal stylings of Rosie Rebel will catch your ear and the smart guitar riffs and bass lines will keep you wanting more. Typhoid Rosie is reminiscent of Blondie meets something more, and all around awesome."