Tyler Stenson / Press

“The last time I witnessed someone with [his] kind of presence and voice, that leaped out beyond the speakers and pulled me in, was when I worked with one Garth Brooks. [He] has it man.”

“With the delivery of lyrics that leap from the page, Stenson's an artist who's instantly arresting. Everything I heard was worth repeat listening.”

“Songwriter of the Year”

Portland Songwriters Association

“So nice to meet you. You make some great music friend! I love your voice #hugefan”

LeAnn Rimes

“The music is simple yet mesmerisingly beautiful ... the songwriting is of a quality that the like of Ryan Adams and Jackson Browne would struggle to match. This is beautiful, heartfelt and honest music that is performed with a conviction and passion that is simply irresistible.”

The Music Critic UK

"Best Male Artist"

2011 Portland Music Awards

“Stenson was selected by Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) and Ryan Spaulding (rslblog.com and television's The Bubbler) out of a sea of thousands of bands wanting to play this year's Outlaw Roadshow. Listen to this music! Clearly, Stenson belongs with us.”

The Outlaw Roadshow

“Tyler Stenson’s classically smooth voice doesn’t take much to hold its own. Aside from compelling and believably expressive vocals, the lyrics play a crucial role in shaping his songs—and it’s through these two aspects that the former Lander frontman has established an esteemed solo career. Stenson brings his pipes and his pen to the forefront of his Americana-tinged, easy-listening style.  ”

Willamette Week

“It's so inspiring to listen to such beautifully crafted lyrics ... definitely a songwriter's songwriter.”

“The use of the dynamics is critical in an acoustic setting, and Stenson showed he’s a master of contrasting quiet, intimate verse whispers with gripping, soaring choruses.”

Music Connection Magazine

“Fearing no metaphor and drawn instinctively to the bright flame of the American West, Stenson is a fire builder. He pits soft Americana against tender, billowy pop until it sparks, fanning the flame with his gusty, crackling vocals for warmth.”

Willamette Week

“Tyler Stenson is a charmer. With a just an acoustic guitar and That Voice, he had our audience eating out of the palm of his hand. ”

Live Wire! Radio on OPB

“Stenson isn’t just a musician, but a songwriter – he doesn’t just write words that sound cool with music, he unleashes his soul.”

The West Linn Tidings

“[Stenson’s songs] remain able narratives untethered to time and place ... the man certainly knows how to pen a tune. Sooner or later, we’re guessing, Nashville will come to him.”

Willamette Week

“There is nothing to dislike about Another Gleam—it’s utterly perfect in so many ways.”

The Portland Mercury

“There is much to appreciate about Stenson's talent, as his vocals produce a pleasant, soothing sound, and his lyrics are unique and refreshingly heartfelt.”

The Lake Oswego Review

“...Melody, lyrics and song structure – all things this guitarist has been perfecting for 10 years.”

Portland Tribune