Tyler Reese / Press

"Tyler is one of the best guitar players we have ever worked with I am sure the world will be hearing a lot more of Tyler."

“Gary Grainger (John cofield, Dennis Chambers, WPG Trio, Earth Wind and Fire, Acoustic Alchemy, George Duke, Pure Soul, Nancy Wilson, Maysa, Lonnie L. Smith, Eumir Deodato and namesake of the the Gary Grainger signature PRS bass) after gigging with Tyler Reese at the 909 in Fredericksburg on January 12,2013, simply describes him as "a absolute KILLER player"”

"Up and Coming Guitar Star" "a smart and talented music force to be reconed with" "his future is so bright, he has to wear shades"

"He (Tyler) has tremendous technical abilities; his fingerboard technique is phenomenal"

"Risus21 songs are full of impressively fast and technical guitar riffs, perfectly executed by Reese, that fit seamlessly into their power-driven rock."

"Tyler Reese is Amazing"

Martin Sexton - Live from The Hat Factory "Richmond Va"