Tyler Ragle / Press

"Saturday night at Mamma Llama Eatery & Café we were treated to an example of today’s Americana with original music by musicians/ songwriters Richard March (music) and Tyler Ragle (lyrics). March was the lead vocalist but Ragle’s lyrics stole the show. Richard wrote the music to fit Tyler’s words. Each and every song made for enjoyable listening, some with two guitars and others with keyboard and guitar. Mostly Tyler played a cool bass while Richard played the lead guitar. Both men were very personable and easy to talk to. They were happy to have such an attentive audience. They said that they usually play against loud bar noise. My favorite song called “Forever Down the Road” is on their small CD “Kings and Thieves.” The song is a collaborated effort by the two of them. My favorite line is “In the outskirts and the edges, in the alleys of your mind, you walk a thousand miles all alone.”

“Richard March & Tyler Ragle at Hallenbrick Brewery By Aaron Prunier March 15, 2010 It was within these comfortable confines that I recently had the pleasure of catching a show by California songwriters Richard March and Tyler Ragle. We were only one stop along a tour covering the Southwest but they played enthusiastically to a small and appreciative crowd. March and Ragle grooved steadily while filling the space with folk-rock vocals and original lyrics. An acoustic masterpiece highlighted by harmonica, this was a purist experience to satisfy the soul! They are distinguished not only by the organic style of rock they have captured but also for the willingness to play for little more than a partaking of Scott’s liquid wizardry. We were thankful that they decided to make us a stop on their tour and look forward to the next visit. If you’re located somewhere between Albuquerque and Sacramento, look them up and catch the next show- you won’t leave disappointed! ”