Tyler Jakes / Press

“If you'd like to hear the alcoholic love child of Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Pixies, Tyler Jakes & The Bootleggers might be the show for you.”

“Blasting out of the gates with the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club rocker Lie Awake, Jakes is intent on laying down some truly dirty rock and roll here.”

“Jakes' music comes across as an amalgam of blues, folk, and punk...disparate and adventurous as it is, seems like a recorded document of spontaneous artistic bloodletting. Somebody get this man some more canvas!”

“Tyler Jakes is one of those guys that I hear and think… ‘Why haven’t I heard of him before?’ His songwriting skills are very, very good for an unsigned artist.”

“...gritty and witty songwriting and playing.”

Vernon Reid (of the Grammy Award winning group Living Colour) - quote