Tyler Brown / Press

"Brown’s most recent project, The Hollows, showcases a songwriter that’s more confident with his ideas and who is more aware of his strengths as a songwriter. Brown consistently pulls off the tricky feat of playing moodier and darker, while at the same time providing this sonically patient, comforting feeling that perpetuates through the entire song. It’s something that lets the listener know that something is wrong, there is a violent hurricane out there, but if you allow yourself to be resilient, you can be assured that whatever bad things are happening will let up soon and you will know peace again."

“If The 20/20 Experience is the mainstream hit of the year, then The Hollows by up and coming artist Tyler Brown is the independent equipoise, filled with just as many layers but having a more spacious, relaxing atmosphere about it. Its indie/R&B-styled contemplative jams on diametrically opposing wavelengths from 20/20... What ties these areas of gray in with the powerful songwriting and the musicality of each production is the self-assurance of Tyler Brown himself. This is a musician fully confident in the idea that his work stands out from the rest of the crowd. That he can differentiate himself from the pack of endless DIY imitators with a laptop, a recorder, and a few chords learned on a guitar. That his voice can project and enrich the music without ever breaking a sweat and slipping through the cracks. The Hollows is probably one of the most courageous, cocksure records to slide its way into the fabric of music in 2013, and it’s absolutely lovable.”

“The Hollows has a stand as an early contender for one of the best albums of the year plain and simple. It’s an almost perfect mood album, weather album, and just a plain out good record. Tyler Brown is well on his way to greater things in the music world.”

“Tyler Brown has been playing music for a long time. You may have seen him screaming his lungs out as the lead vocalist for Ricard Parker or shredding the guitar in Oddczar, but his solo project is nothing like these at all. Tyler shows a whole different side to music with this act, and you can see the seriousness in his approach. He takes pride on conducting everything himself, and you can see that music is his life; and he happens to be very good at it. With just an acoustic guitar, I’ve seen him win over rooms, so I was very excited to see it plugged in and live. As the set progressed, more and more people began to quiet down and listen. Tyler played my favorite song “Weekend (Un Beso)” around the middle of the set. After this song, the entire room was captivated. With his powerful voice that shows signs of R&B and soul at times and the slow, steady build-ups of his songs, he left everyone wanting more by the end of the set.”