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“Tygerr Lair’s new single, “Repent”, is off of their new CD “De-Evolution”. With heavy bass guitar, heavy drums delivered with an everlasting fury, “Repent” was based on the Mother Confessor character which was created by Terry Goodkind, played by Bridget Regan in TV’s Legend of the Seeker. This song is told from her perspective on the world today what she might say to the human population in her time. The theme is very apparent; give the human race one last time to make it right before the earth is exterminated. The entire CD reflects the theme of De-Evolution which is the theory that man is the ultimate destroyer of our planet. This song does highlight each member’s unique talent; from screaming to complex guitar arrangements to time changes and having a female lead singer is unique in the heavy metal scene. One of the highlights for me is the double and triple time bass with heavy driving beats that adds such soulful power to this song. Click link to read entire rel”

“Ok so I found this article to day while just poking around Bing and searching Legend of the Seeker http://www.prlog.org/11081664-tygerr...-industry.html apparently they made a song that was inspired by Kahlan our BAMC (Bad Ass Mother Confessor) and I found this link to listen to the actual song www.reverbnation.com/tygerrslair1 its under songs and the song title is Repent.”

“The first song I listen to is called "Repent" This song opens with a thunderous like Mettalica intro, that quickly developes into a newer Thrashier sound , much like you can hear all over Octane these days. This song is brutal and very cool. Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=203040568&blogId=537519501#ixzz0uidOeCSG”

“I recently had the chance to interview Tygerr of the band, Tygerrs Lair. One of the leading ladies of metal and the bands own self proclaimed feline goddess, Tygerr is an amazing woman who has been on tour with music legends like Alice Cooper and David Lee Roth. Please take a few minutes and read over the interview to see some of the wonderful insights this lady has to share about the music industry and success. Also, make sure to visit Tygerrs Lair’s links and show your support. For more of this Q&A, click the link.  ”

“It has been awhile since I last had a New Find Friday post, but this one needed to be posted... On a daily basis, I receive many invites from either YouTube, ReverbNation or MySpace artists and Tygerrs Lair had sent a recent ReverbNation invite... My comment to Tygerrs Lair: "First note of Repent......hooked me. Thanks for the invite." ”

“I love when Tygerrs Lair shreds at Studio 7! They have killer energy.”

“Following Frehley's inevitable decision to take his rightful place in the reunion of the original line-up of KISS in 1996, Richie Scarlet began working on an All-Star project dubbed WISE GUYS, featuring SEBASTIAN BACH and former FREHLEY'S COMET colleagues John Regan and Anton Fig. Scarlet was also playing in the Las Vegas based, female fronted TYGERR'S LAIR comprised vocalist Tygerr, bassist Andy Abenne and drummer Paul Stanzo. Both LoMenzo and D'Angelo joined OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist ZAKK WYLDE's band in 1993. LoMenzo would also figure in PRIDE & GLORY and SLASH'S SNAKEPIT. Warner was later to be found on the 2000 SINOPOLI album. For more of this artile, click the link!”

“KH: How did you end up joining Tygerrs Lair? RS: Well basically she's a Penthouse Pet, a very wild looking chick with a really good voice and she hired me to produce her so I went out to Vegas in November of 96 and I ended up co-writing 3 songs with her and it just clicked, it worked really well.. I mean she just called me and that was it. Part VI KISS HELL: what's the line-up for Tygerrs Lair? Is there 2 guitarists? RICHIE SCARLET: Yeah there's a rhythm guitarist and at this point Larry Fisher and Steve Werner will be on the tour also. If that works out that would be great cause they'e a great rhythm section. FOR MORE OF THIS INTERVIEW......CLICK LINK!!”

“1997 Scarlet was working on a brand new album project 'Wise Guy From New York'. The band featured an all star cast including SKID ROW's ex front man SEBASTIAN BACH(duetting with Scarlet on the track 'Sly Little Bitch') and former FREHLEY'S COMET colleagues John Regan and Anton Fig. The record, which featured a cover of ROBIN TROWER's 'I Can't Wait Much Longer', comprised some electrifying guitarwork and generated a healthy media response. In addition to his own work Scarlet was playing in the Las Vegas based, female fronted TYGERR'S LAIR completed by vocalist Tygerr, bassist Andy Abenne and drummer Paul Stanzo. For more of this interview....click on the link!!”