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“Hi my name is .......... I was at a dinner a few years ago and I really liked you. I lost your album when I moved and I can only get two of your songs on Spotify. I would really like a new album. It is the one with the face on it that is really abstract. Please email me back. Thank you .............. is 11 years old and listens to your album every night.”

From a listener

“Our Members have always enjoyed your guitar playing so I wanted to contact you first!”

Membership Director - A prominent Denver area Country Club

“College students in the Chicago area viewed our promo video and listened to our music as part of a music appreciation class - nice :-)”

A college

"Steve, I checked it out, nice chops on both your guys' parts & great take on all the arrangement ideas. Send me (3) when you're done."

“This is by far a stellar monthly event. You can't imagine how good these guys are. Awesome! You will love this duo. Totally acoustic and prodigy level talent.”

“Guy and Steve have captivated our members at Red Rocks Country Club with their strings. Their musicianship is unparalleled and it will instantly put your event or venue in a league of its own. Quite honestly, Two Guitars Telling A Story is a world class experience, unlike anything else you will experience in Denver. ”

“Gratified to have another great review! Jeff B. was stoked by the performance of Steve & Guy at his private party on July 20. His quote " WOW, These guys are GREAT!" Our post performance surveys uses a 10 out of 10 rating. He gave the duet a 12!”

“We joined other friends for a grand evening! The live guitar music was outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Who needs words when you're as good at your instruments as these cats?”

from an observer

“wow, hey guys, i actually just stumbled onto your page and was completely surprised and happy that i did! i live in Parker so i will have to get me and my wife out to see ya'll locally. as a guitar player myself, well not like you guys, but giving it a go every now and then i thoroughly enjoyed the videos and will come say hi when i can get to the next show. great work.”

a social media passer-by

“We have heard very good things from our customers.”

“And he was definitely great! I love listening to him play.”

Steve solo...

“The atmosphere in the summer with nice live music is the best feature. Steve Blechschmidt and Guy Steagall of Two Guitars Telling a Story always give a great performance at the outside patio.”

Trip Advisor review - Delizios

“It is hard to find quality music but even more difficult to find great people, Steve and Guy encompass both of these qualities! Perfect music to fit any environment, dependable, responsive, and a wonderful addition to a great atmosphere at Water 2 Wine - DTC. Two Guitars Telling A Story is number one on our list of musicians & friends.”

“You guys are awesome. Thank you for joining me and making the festival a really good day and a great success.”

“I listened to your demo and was blown away by what I heard.”

a venue music buyer after listening to Steve's solo demo

“The first year, I got lots of comments about how "these guys are pretty good". This year, it was clear that everyone absolutely LOVED you, and the comments were "these guys are FANTASTIC!"”

From a friend who has been with us from the begining

“The best part was the live music, Steve Blechschmidt of Two Guitars Telling a Story at the outside patio. A very talented acoustic guitarist playing his own fingerstyle guitar, providing excellent atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed him. He played a mix of covers and original instrumental only songs. He often plays with a partner Guy Steagall. Definitely going back for the music.”

Steve plays solo on most Wednesdays at Delizios - Trip Advisor Review of Delizios

“Enjoyed their Valentines Day Menu. Great food, great service and really good live music!”

“They were very impressed with your talent and your courteous and helpful attitude!”

a post performance review comment

“In Sept. of 2012 had the opportunity to enjoy Two Guitars Telling a Story at Evergreen Lake. We live in Illinois; and miss them. 2nd CD ??”

from a long distance friend

“We have had the pleasure of seeing you perform live several times now. We sent your CD to various friends around the country and everyone raved about it - EVERY SINGLE ONE! ”

Rob and Fran (Castle Rock)

“The CD has been on constant rotation in my car's CD player for the past two days. The range of songs is impressive from Allmans to Neil Young, to Beatles, and even a dash of Led Zep. I got on the website and found a version of "Classical Gas" that I really liked, too. I love that full wooden acoustic guitar sound and I love having these undiscovered treasures. Keith (Palm Beach Gardens)”

CD review

“These guys are excellent! I initially played the CD on my lengthy commute to and from work on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday and Thursday too! The CD immediately became one of my favorites. These musicians are innovative, imaginative very accomplished. Thanks! Dan (Dallas)”

CD review

“Steve and Guy really do make beautiful music together. They don't just play guitar, they conjure art out of thin air, coaxing their instruments to deliver the listener to an ethereal plain. Take the time to listen to their soulful stories, they are far more than dinner music.”

Evan H.~ a music aficionado

“We love you guys and always look forward to seeing you!”

“I'm honestly not too worried, as I don't see how they could play something not lovely.”

a Bride - from the Bride to the Wedding Planner

“The best music I have ever heard”

“Love the CD! It is rare to get to hear talent like this and they do such innovative interpretations of some great songs. Doug (Raleigh) Mike (Virginia Beach)”

CD review

“Your CD gets played a lot in my personal listening time.”

“Your music is beautiful...I've had your cd in my car now and I love it! I always play it too if the dogs get rowdy...it really soothes them. That may not seem like the greatest compliment, but it is from the likes of me!”

from a guitar Angel

“Two Guitars Telling A Story will be back! Steve Blechschmidt and Guy Steagall will be showing off their amazing guitar playing skills! ”

from a restaurant owners newsletter

“It's special to listen to guitars sing not just play”

A listener at Kaos

"Water 2 Wine really enjoyed having both you and Guy play at our winery last month. We have received a number of very nice comments from our clients stating just how much they enjoyed your music. We look forward to having you back very soon."

“...gave me a copy of your latest album. Phenomenal. Perfect music for my drive to work or for relaxing in the evening. Good job!”

another "soothing" comment

“Thanks! The BEST version of one of the best songs ever - 5 stars by Geevz ...period ”

“We are pleased to bring back Steve and Guy playing classical guitar with amazing flair.... to blow our minds with some great guitar grooves...”

“you guys are great, i can listen to vinyl all day of chet (atkins) & get nowhere near you two ”

a fan

“You two were incredible and really made our night!”

a restaurant patron

“KRZA Public Radio serving the San Luis Valley and Taos, will be showcasing your new CD on John Moore's Music Mesa show...”

“We thoroughly enjoyed both of you. The harmonies that were put together on strings were fantastic. Glad to see gentleman who enjoy their craft and are quite proficient at it.”

husband and wife, restaurant patrons

“Two Guitars Telling a Story is fantastic – you got to hear these guys”

“We very much enjoyed your entertainment-the way we like it! ”

a satisfied husband and wife restaurant patrons

“Loved the evening, you guys are wonderful to listen to, and all the young adults thoroughly enjoyed themselves..."”

an evening with many

“I hear many bands as the head bartender at Zink Kitchen + Bar, Doubletree by Hilton, Denver Tech Center, and your duo "gets it"; perfect supportive music, not too loud and guests love to spend the evening relaxing to your soothing acoustic guitar music.”

“Thank you very much for your time. We enjoyed every moment of it and you two really helped make the atmosphere a joyful one! We were all very satisfied. ”

a company party

“I absolutely loved your beautiful musical gift you brought to my friends and myself...You truly filled my home with Joy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your talent with us ~ We truly loved every moment of your music and humor”

private party

“Wow!! Gorgeous!! I'm so impressed!! Really beautiful!! I tried to play Classical Gas on my guitar when I was a teenager. You guys are incredible!!!Thanks for your beautiful video. I love your music!! Quite beautiful indeed! I love that song, "Can't Find My Way Home!" One of my very favorites.”

A comment after viewing or promo video

“'The best live guitar music I have ever stumbled into while on a business trip.”

“Your duets were beautiful and the two of you have a nice energy together as well”

a fan