The Wimshurst's Machine / Press

“Real Smooth Sound!”

Brian Keith - 2039 Music Group

"A chilled out ambient piece of musical genius."

Jay Adkins - N.U.A. internet radio

“TWM's innovation and excellence reminds us all that indeed there is still plenty of beauty and love to be found in contemporary soundtrack music - the kind that the Wimshurst's Machine are breaking new ground with all the time!”

“Their music will touch your soul.”

“Questa band è sicuramente formata da musicisti pieni di talento, che fanno musica con lo "spirito giusto", cioè senza la bramosia di fare successo e questo trapela da ogni singola nota dei loro brani.”

“The sound quality is absolutely gorgeous. The arrangements are so light and airy that this music actually gives a reviving touch to the listeners mind and soul. This is what this kind of music is all about.”

“An expansive set of musical wisdoms come together as one, each harmoniously telling its part of the legend. The blending of abilities like electronic mastery, vocals, instrumentation and percussion is well balanced.”

“Another fine example of what can be accomplished when artists focus on making music instead of simply trying to make a fashion statement.”

“a dreamy landscape that plays as the perfect soundtrack for a romantic art film”

“Very well done music with a mix of acoustic and electronic rhythms. The background ambience adds to the already sensual flavor.”

“The tracks are perfect for introspection and for driving.”

“These guys are masters in creating ambient atoms, with excellent production skills for electronic sounds and acoustic instruments, with great saxophone and voices here.”

“What can you say about THE WIMSHURST's MACHINE that has not already been said by so many others? Fans and critics alike continue to be impressed by the evocative instrumental compositions of these talented musicians.”

George Spelvin - George's Jungle

“Good music, great music, coming from a creative adventurous spirit that has as one of it's main concepts the idea of music for a better world.”

Jiju-Wickman, promoting music to the world

“The Alchemist by The Wimshurst's Machine is a classic piece of Italian Smooth-Electro-World Music. A must hear.”

“they won Friday Night Live (over at P.O.P.) with one of the best tracks out of a night of dynamite tracks.”

“This band you NEED to hear,these players are producing some of the finest sounds around.Rich textures with built in visuals...in your head!!!!”

“These guys are in my top ten all time favourite Artists. They produce intelligent concept Albums with high production values and superb musicianship.”

“Each song is a new phase of a journey; a gift of true artistry and raw creativity.”


“If the Wimshurst's Machine's (TWM) music were available on prescription, they could, quite conceivably put the pharmaceutical industry out of business!”

“Un genere di musica che ad ogni ascolto,come il dipinto di un grande maestro,ti da sempre un'emozione nuova.”

“TWM made a great conceptual, creative, musical work here and every song gave me special, different emotions: my personal congrats to the band!”

“un cd particolare lontano dai canoni del commercio ma assolutamente maturo e con un chiaro marchio di fabbrica”

“The music of TWM is something that will make you dream. A dream you won't forget.”

The Unicorn