Twitch Angry / Press

“Twitch Angry is an awesome punk band out of Sacremento. They have an awesome live set and have shared the stage with some of the OC most legendary punk bands. They have some touring experience. They have also released an incredible album. I got Twitch to tell their story...”

““Twitch, I've listened to thousands of songs on RN, and I can honestly say that the Rag may be the funniest one period. Damn I wish I had written that song. scott ” — 12 String Scott, Reverbnation”

12 String Scott - ReverbNation

““Todd C. Stone: its gotta be said, you a damn prolific song writer!! luv ya dude there's only the one Twitch Angry!! as brilliant as ever!! Twitch Angry is totally rocking the UK!! shear rock brilliance!! all the best twitch!! :) this is one band, i just got to see live!! simply awesome!!” — Todd C. Stone, ReverbNation”

Todd C. Stone - ReverbNation

““@ MrHappydeathman, I've worked with a lot of bands over the years and these guys are the most dedicated group of musicians I have ever known and Twitch is a musical genius! They aren't reliving anything because their music is a part of their everyday lives, so sounds like they are LIVING it to me! If that's being stuck in 1986 then show me the time machine boys! ToilGirlAngel ””

ToilGirlAngel - ReverbNation

“SAN FRANCISCO * classic Twitch Angry guaranteed to rock any world!!! Ecologyngle: CAUGHT IN THE HOOD * a real thrill ride with smoking bass * highly recommend this trip * all aaaaaaaboard!!!! Ecologyngle: GOOOOOOO TO SAN FRANCISCO ON THE TWITCH ATOMIC FLIGHT! Ecologyngle: huge fan of punk here * THE RAG * high energy rocks the planet * love the cuts * cheers * Patricia ” — Ecologyngle, ReverbNation”

Ecologyngle - ReverbNation

““Fuck yeah about time Twitch Angry fucking hits harder than opening the door and walking into a fully wound cock-punch. The truth fucking hurts and Twitch Angry is coming out throwing cinder blocks......DSH” — The Shadow Network (LABEL), ReverbNation”

The Shadow Network (LABEL) - ReverbNation

““ ......our set ended up being sandwiched between a NYC punk trio and a Sacramento hard rock bar-band named Twitch Anger. So we finished our set, and Twitch Anger took the stage. They played solidly, your workmanlike Pantera, AC/DC, Misfits style, but then I heard from their singer’s mouth the greatest chorus in the history of recorded sound: “FUCK YOU! IN THE NECK!” And he kept repeating it over and over. “FUCK YOU IN THE NECK FUCK YOU IN THE NECK FUCK YOU IN THE NECK.” There might have been other words in that song, but I couldn't tell you what those were, except I do believe I heard some mention of “cunt kicking.” There’s no doubt in my mind he sang that chorus in all caps. Then the vocalist for the New York punk band jumped on stage, grabbed a mic, and joined in on the neck fucking. My band mates all began rocking out in unison. The whole bar joined in. It was just glorious. So I think now we will call our next album FUCK YOU IN THE NECK.””

““Twitch Angry confronts and illustrates the rat race in an honest and direct way that many people appear to resonate with- especially youth. His track “Uncle Sam” subjects listeners to contemplate the level to which our Government stoops in the blood of corruption and degradation. Is hell on earth? Typically, I try to steer clear of pure evil, but when I reviewed this product it became apparent this artist pierces a fact of living on this planet that should not be ignored. ” — Rob Jackson Rip Star, Equilibrium Institute”