Twisted Theorem / Press

“Twisted Theorem A band breaking new rules in the metal world in Arizona. They have just started working with us in the last past year and already grabbed the eyes of other promoters and venues here.With their intense sound and great work ethic this band seems to strive to be the best. They show up on time for every show party with fans and stay to watch the other bands .This is a rare thing to see these days , most bands show up for their set and leave right after no support. But Twisted Theorem put the A game on before, during, and after their show. This is a must see band if you have not seen them before chances are you will see them live soon. They are the most humble down to earth guys you would ever meet. Their sound is like jaw dropping eye catching intense work of art.You just have to seem them live to understand what we at Gweedo Productions already know. A great add to any show and we are sure soon they will be headlining their own show in Arizona.”

“Some of you know I have had a very rough time in the last couple months or so with AC going out in both my house and van as well as other mechanical issues. So; it’s been very hard for me to get out to local shows these days, but I am doing my best. As luck would have it my work brought me to the Scottsdale club ROCKBAR INC. and man I’m I glad It did. When I parked the van a block away and walked up to the door I was greeted with such love, I about shed a tear. So many awesome metal brothers and sisters were there to support local metal and wow! that bar was packed for sure. I seen members from TRICUS, the almighty DEATHGRIP and of course several other bands that escape me at this time. But I was there to witness the total destruction of the explosive set by TWISTED THEOREM. Holy cheezits h riced these guys blew me away. How else can I describe the awesome groove of this band. TWISTED THEOREM definitely ranks up there in my top 10 now favorite bands in Arizona.”