Twisted Strategies / Press

“Twisted Strategies: The self-proclaimed “best live hip-hop band” in Chico embodies the Beastie Boys’ early frat hijinx and the reggae-punk of Sublime. We know Chico likes to party … well, here’s the city’s house band.”

“Twisted Strategies: Sort of like the Beastie Boys before they got old, a little like Sublime before Bradley Nowell got dead, and a lot like a kegger that never gets busted. Another Chico hip-hop group that you’re guaranteed to see playing live instruments … plus you might get a contact high free with admission.”

“Live instrumentation in hip-hop is nothing new, yet Twisted Strategies are able to keep their sound fresh and new with high energy performances of hip-hop mixed with funk and reggae. Twisted Strategies have only been playing together since 2009, but have already solidified themselves as a player in the Chico hip-hop music scene. ”