TwinSister / Press

“We just loved your concert last night at the Folk Music Society. You should update your link to include your daughter. She was wonderful and the harmony WAS THE BEST. Feel free to talk about her. I am sure all would love to know about her Drexel degree. She should have studied music. Would love to have known what she got her degree in and what kind of job she landed after a year. YOU FOUR ARE FOLK MUSIC GEMS. I loved the banter between you- so folksy and wonderful.”

Kutztown Folksong Society

“Hey, there would be no doubt for me to vote for your music. As I sat at my computer here in Mission, Texas, fond memories were exposed as I listened to your song. I remember playing those Chicago recordings as you did that precise mix at high volume. There is no contest: the Twins are the best. Each of the tunes contain extensive planning, writing and talent. They are so complex that any competing group would have quite a problem copying the arrangements. It is an injustice that you didn't make the big time like Swift of Wyomissing. Although I didn't have anything to do with her rise, I did know & work with her father in the 80s. Nothing she has done so far matches the talent & ability of your efforts so apparently she had contacts in Nashville & smiled at the right people at the right time. Anyhow, if nothing else changes, just keep writing & singing your songs. At least you can have the satisfaction knowing they are superior to the average & up to par with anything in the Nation...”

sound engineer James Hodgkins("Uncle Wiz") of James Hodgkins Audio Productions - OurStage

“Love the sound! I was half asleep when I heard the calls of their awesome vocals and different diatonic variables. Great to hear a familiar yet, different sound today! ”eli31566 Barstow, Ca”


“I was sitting watching the hot air baloons when from behind me i heard the voices of angels. great show! i used to come to see image at the country tavern all the time. i knew troy and i shot a great video of the band after many beers. don't do the bar scene anymore, glad to see you're still rockin'. best of luck to the holts and twin sister!! paul maggio”

MySpace-4th of July Concert

“Your song "Where Are We Now" was voted #23 in the acoustic channel for the month of March 2010 on OurStage!”


“Fallen Butterfly is AWESOME! Really reminds me of two bands I loved back in the Day - Renaissance and It's a Beautiful Day - but you're still here! Which makes you better than them... Wish I could be there in Dallastown tonight, but I will definitely be in Denver at the end of the month! Keep on!”


“We loved all of the songs on this album. The Holt Twins have beautiful harmonizing voices that make each song special. We also loved the way that each instrument added to the blending voices giving depth and character to the music. We have played this continually throughout the holidays and it has become a Christmas favorite. We thank you for this wonderful music! Sue & Jim”

CD Baby

“Hi Holt Twins! Addictive sonic tapestries you've woven here!!-thumbs up all around!!-innovative arrangements/ethereal vox-harmonies/inventive instrumentation!!-just simply UNIQUE and familiar all at once w/some great rhythm section/geetar work!!!...please visit and download our live tracks....and thanks for some NEW inspired songs to jam to!!!..peace,Mike”


“who lifted the human cloning ban? I'm hearing Karen Carpenter...and I know she's gone, so which one of you are the clone? Seriously, I haven't heard stuff this impressive in this genre since "Close To You". EXCELLENT! "How To Avoid Art"”


“I have been a huge fan for a long time. I remember a few years back, (I won't say how long), but I used to go to Waukegan Illinois to the Sunset Lanes bowling alley and they had this club in there called, 'The Turf Club'. A band came in there that everyone fell in love with. They were called 'Double Image'. You two ladies brought down the house then and you are still bringing down the house now. I am honored to be in your circle of friends. Thanks, JD Aldridge, singer / songwriter, and lead guitarist for SRX.”


“really nice as someone who has lost their mother recently,my mothers love stopped me in my tracks,a fantastic tribute to mothers all over the world. thumbs and a new fan, Mike OBrien”