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“The Twin Cats may very well have raised The Blues to the next progression!By adding elements of progressive jazz and rock and modern instrumentation, The Twin Cats has made the blues more appealing and more accessible to a wider audience. Blues music was originally slower paced, dark and sad in mood and if you weren’t depressed when you started listening to it, you might very well be when you finished! While the lyrics may still be on the darker side, the music is much faster paced, while maintaining the unmistakable “blues sound”. The keyboards and sax add a lot of “depth” to the music. Seth Catron’s voice has that perfect “gravelly” sound so important to the male blues singer. He is a perfect fit for this group. The rest of the band plays impeccably as well. The Twin Cat’s music should appeal to both the veteran Blues listener and the new comer alike. The white community as well as the black. ”

“Indiana band brings boisterous funk By Jim Clark Publisher Ronald Reagon once said, “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn't mind who gets the credit.” That works in the music business too. One of the first small details I noticed about the CD Thick was instead of the usual named credits for songwriting the band simply put “all songs written by The Twin Cats.” That’s important because that shows the band puts the music in front of their personal egos. The Twin Cats perform primarily in the eastern half of the United States but with a sound as good as theirs I’m sure they’ll be playing close by soon. They will be at Cosmic Charlie’s in Lexington, KY on April 24. They are a funk fusion band with lots of trance elements leading to a progressive rock sound. Twin Cats have a cool vibe on every song. ”

Jim Clark - Lee County Courier

““the local jazz-funk quintet encompasses both laid-back and in-your-face styles it can tailor to the engagement at hand.” Jay Harvey – Indy Star/Metromix”

Jay Harvey - Indy Star

““All of the computer enhanced/influenced music that is blowing up on the music scene today can be easily outdone by insane Twin Cats instrumentals. Anytime anyone tried to sit down and take a short break, the Cats would lure them back to the stage with some crazy off-the-chain hooks"...”

Knollfest - Nuvo

““These young Cats will spice up DJ's playlists with adventurous songwriting and outstanding musicianship.” Bob Putignano – WFDU The Sound of Blue/President-NY Jazz & Blues Society”

Bob Putignano - Jazz & Blues society