Turkuaz / Press

"This Brooklyn-based funk army is a live music tour de force."

"Renowned for their raucous dance-party shows, their signature stampede of sonic fury is elegantly captured and preserved like an elk head on your study wall. Funk is a genre all but extinct in the aural wilderness of modern indie-tedium. However, this band of rare specimens are giving the dodo a fresh chance at flight. Their rhythms are primal, their melodies relentless, and their weirdness charming."

"I was drawn to the set, not only for the music.. but because of the energy.. they love performing and it shows because they're genuinely having a good time… I started to think that this is what music is for. It's here for us to enjoy ourselves and dance our asses off."

"The funkiest of the funk... a band overflowing with the most soul and funk in the tri-state area... After their sold out show at the Bowery Poetry Club last month, the streets were overcrowded with joyous fans ready to continue on the night.

“This is a band that truly understands funk. Funk as a form, as a style, as a way of making music. Their original numbers have a creativity in the melodies–and that ever important funk bass line–that makes me love the songs, but also respect the band.”

"Best of CMJ 2008"