Turf War / Press

“Und CHEERS an alle, die Montag beim WAWA Showcase aufgetaucht sind! Oh what a night! Wir grinsen immer noch selig. Um sofort an die Qualität von Montag anzuknüpfen (oder dies zumindest zu versuchen) stellen wir euch hiermit TURF WAR vor.”

“their song Cheers To The Years makes me want to go drinking. I’m not sure if that was a strictly healthy response to listening to any song at 10.30am, but there you go..........I also like how they look and sound like a proper band......”

“This is the kind of song that could stop a bar fight in it's tracks or make you offer your ex a ride home in your flat-bed...for just one night.”

“Turf War! Known for rowdy shows and catchy rock songs”

“A raucous two and half minutes of sweaty tomfoolery, I debuted this Turf War track on the radio show a couple weeks back after catching the fellas in Athens last month”