Turbo Perfecto / Press

"The Song" I pumped it 4 or 5 times and showed it to some friends and we're still sucking the cream out of it. It's fucking amazing!

Andrew Stromstad - Fellow Portland resident

“Turbo Perfecto..... need I say more? One of the shreddinest bands from Portland is showing up on the scene to melt your fucking face. If you haven't seen Turbo, then your face probably looks pretty normal, but you can always tell if someone has seen the Turbo, because their skin is hanging off of their chin in a little melty pool of bloody rock pulp and all that is left behind is a huge grin on their skeleton face.”

Dustin Daniels - Old Age

“Turbo Perfecto seems to run on nothing but pure adrenaline.”

Anchorage Press

“Turbo Perfecto is raucous, explosive, and heavy. "I think the band calls themselves progressive metal"”

Michael Howard (Resident) - Anchorage Press

“Turbo Perfecto got things rolling with one, unbroken, relentless, and utterly insane block of progressive metal.”

JJ Weber - be portland