Turbine Toolshed / Press

“This Amarillo-based band has a way with setting up an atmosphere and mood. They’re not exactly this or that, but a combination of multiple styles and genres that when thrown together is all their own. Hell, on “Whiskey Stomp,” you’ll count a few within the first minute. It overall has a sultry jazz standard feel, possibly like something you’d have found playing in a Memphis dive bar by a forgotten, but good jazz band playing for one last hurrah."”

“Amarillo band Turbine Toolshed goes romantic with a big three-set show at the Golden Light. The gig features the Americana jam band’s newly expanded three-part harmonies, now that former part-timer Maggie Burt has moved back from Austin on a permanent basis. “We’ve bumped up practices to three days a week and have harmonies going on in every song now,” guitarist and singer Eddie Esler said. “She’s upped our game for sure.” The band will open for itself (nothing wrong with some self-love, right?), as Esler, Tory Wood and Burt show off their acoustic sides. “The second set, we’re billing it as ‘a story of love,’” Esler said. “It’s all original songs by Turbine Toolshed that are either about love, against love or somehow have that theme going on.” The show ends “with some funky tunes to get the party going,” he said.”

"While at the Nat we enjoyed great live music from Turbine Toolshed! The cafe inside the Nat was a great place to socialize, sip, and listen to the band."

Cindy Rufenacht - Plainspeaking

"Bandmates' collaboration creates 'Funkgrass' in Turbine Toolshed" - Chip Chandler, Amarillo Globe News- Get Out! (Aug 15, 2012)

"Some of the stand-out bands of the day included Turbine Toolshed from Amarillo, Texas, and MONTU from Tulsa, Okla. Both bands had excellent performances, setting a good vibe for the rest of the day." - Devin Hargrove, The Plainsman Press (Oct 01, 2012)