Turbid North / Press

“Grade-A slabs of vicious thrash/death”

Connie Gordon - Metal Hammer Magazine UK

“Distortion-fattened riffs that rise like mountain ranges above the rumbling, double-kick ferocity of the drumming”

Revolver Magazine

“They kick all kinds of ass!”

Axl Rosenberg - www.metalsucks.net

“Add a bear wrestling story and voila! Story telling gold!”

Kevin Stewart-Panko - Decibel Magazine USA

“Turbid North Left Alaska for the Metal Pastures of Texas”

Matt Debenedictis - www.noisecreep.com

“Turbid North has the ability to be one of the next big metal bands out of DFW”

DFW Metal Garage

“From beginning to end, Orogeny repeatedly thrusts you to the brink, and then demands you to leap”

Misty Johnson - www.birdandgrog.com

“Cold-as-death Alaskan fury””

Mike Rickard - www.thenewreview.net

“Awesome Alaskan mountain metal from the heart of Texas”

Hunter Ramirez - www.sputnikmusic.com

“The band is heavy and sharp but there are moments of clarity and haunting beauty”

Jonathan Barkan - www.bloody-disgusting.com

“Sound unlike anything else that is out there at the moment”


“This entire album is a brilliant step forward for all genre-bending “post-metal” bands”

TJ Flores - www.themetalregister.com