Tupelo Honey / Press

"It is a very hard life to be a musician. Late nights, not much money, and little sleep. It was worth it though. I don't regret it for a second,"

“Andy Ellis introduces listeners to Tupelo Honey, an acoustic folk/rock group from Ft. Thomas who will also perform a couple of tunes from the soon-to-be released CD. ”

“A couple of weeks ago, Heather Turner and Katie Wefer packed their bags and left Fort Thomas, Ky., with only one goal: getting to Dallas. They were ready for any adventure along the way. While stopping underneath the Tupelo city sign...”

“Capturing the barebones, lilting essence of Folk music couldn't have been an easy task for two suburban-born, Pop Rock-bred college girls. But Katie Wefer and Heather Turner, whose natural musicality had no plans to sit idly by, started with what they...”