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“Over the past few weeks, Tunk has been releasing that heat on the second day of each week calling the series #BeastModeTuesdays. Collaborating with fellow Dallas emcee Matt Clay, today Tunk and his camp released "WTR (Way Too Raw)" . . . and that's exactly what the track is. Tunk and Matt Clay address the folks who run their mouth but really aint about that life in the music industry, the 'hood and everywhere in between. Demanding attention from every ear within reach, all there is to do is listen with a screwed face and nod your head along with the beat. This track is definitely a banger that builds anticipation for next week's relesase and Tunk's project "No Defeat II" coming soon! Enjoy WTR below:”

“Three weeks into his Road to No Defeat 2, Tunk is continuing tossing the BadMuthaTunka brand with a little D-Town meets North Memphis help in the form of A.Dd+’s Paris Pershun. “LSG” kicks down the road and makes certain that Tunk keeps pushing with more than a few worthy bars of head knocking.”

“DOMA (Dallas Observer Music Awards) Best New Release nominee Kevin “TUNK‘ Arradondo released his latest project No Meal No Deal yesterday. Tunk is known for his vivid imagery of life living around the metroplex and his often witty wordplay. This time around TUNK has come to prove its time for the next level of play in his career. Featuring some of Texas most prominent undergroud artists of the moment (Tony Vice, Worldwide, Glo Gaines, Tawaine Hall, D. Hayes, Jaeson Green, Paris of A.dD+ and Rick Blaine) . With production provided by 2Much, The Necksnappers, Dj Dhai, Lonestar Muzik & Breeze the beat machine to name a few TUNK continues to win. Head over to TUNK’s Bandcamp page and purchase NMND for what you feel its worth here.”

“By now, Dallas has firmly established itself as a fertile source of fascinating hip-hop acts. Most impressively, they don’t spend their days trying to undermine each other — at least, not in view of the public or the press — but instead, work together to create a formidable, united front of talent that puts most other cities in the region to shame. Kevin “Tunk” Arradondo flies under the radar, at least in relation to a handful of other North Texas rappers, but his skill is every bit as evident from the opening moments of his latest release, No Meal No Deal. Over the course of 17 tracks, Tunk repeatedly clears a high bar — Juice dazzles early; Drop the Roof is an ominous, late-record highlight.”

“Bouncing synths, skittering hi hats, and a new five letter word that fits nicely on each fingernail; hello “ALLAT,” goodbye “UOENO.” I may be simple, but Tunk cracked the case for what I want blaring through the speakers and sure knows how to unintentionally catch my attention with the aforementioned things. Along with fellow Dallas rapper Glo Gaines, the two detail what needs to be done on their easily relatable quest to win at life while pursuing everything and beyond. If you like what the Dallas rapper has to offer, head over to BandCamp and download Tunk’s the new tape No Meal No Deal.”

“In keeping with his habit of releasing music on holidays, Dallas rapper, Tunk, otherwise known as Kevin Arradondo, will make available his new mixtape, No Meal No Deal, on Halloween. Tunk’s last release, the full-length record, Direct Deposit, was on Christmas Eve. Just yesterday, Too Fresh Productions premiered a clip promoting the upcoming release, for a track called “Juice,” which features Trina Mai, who also collaborated with Tunk in the past, specifically on the track “Don’t Love Em.” The video for “Juice” sees the rapper in a variety of meetups—by car, recording studio, or Chinese restaurant—suggestively passing off backpacks and duffel bags. The behavior inevitably draws the attention of law enforcement, but what’s in the bags? Watch the clip below and see for yourself. The loose narrative threatens to continue in a future installment as the song concludes. The video:”

"Over the last couple of years, we've seen a lot of great work from Kevin Arradondo, like last summer's "Jumper Cables," AD.d+'s salute to UGK. His highly anticipated upcoming project, Direct Deposit, is due out Christmas Eve. With it, Tunk is set to take his rightful place as one of the city's best and brightest in the game."

“His records might not get people to frantically boogie, but they’re big enough to be more than just smooth rider music. It’s thoughtful but it’s not meant to be over-thought. So just jam it.”

“Looks like A.Dd+ isn’t the only group making fantastic Hip-Hop in Dallas. Today Tunk (who has recorded with the boys of A.Dd+) released “Rebel”, a roaring, uptempo trunk rattler that bears more than a passing resemblance to Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall’s colossal crawler of a hit “Still Tippin.” Ominous rising strings and 808s are almost never a bad thing, and that proves true on “Rebel,” as Tunk rides producer Chizzy’s beat for all it’s worth. Enough talk, let this one speak for itself.”

“New heavy-hitting music from Tunk [from Dallas, TX] featuring Brown of the Sore Losers! Definitely someone that we will be looking out for..Tunk has not one but TWO projects due out this year in the last quarter! Stay tuned…”

“Tunk serves up a new heater for you to enjoy via his single ”Bon Appetit (A Short Tale)” produced by Breeze The Beat Machine. The track is a preview of what to expect on the Dallas emcee’s upcoming EP No Defeat 2, which is due out later this year.”

“The heat in South Dallas has already spiked to near record levels in the past and given that Tunk has a spiritual direct line to the songs and mantras of the 90s, “Hustlaz” is all about mixing the rowdy thoughts of No Limit with the current climate of D-Town. Reaching out to Brown of the band Sore Losers, the two bounce around thoughts outlined by one key ingredient: hunger. True, James Harper’s controversial death has sparked outrage and protest in the city but these two have been protesting plenty ever since they started grabbing mics in the days of Sega Genesis. Chizzy’s insular garage funk sticks to the template, boisterous and outspoken through drums and heightened piano stabs. Tunk’s Direct Deposit mixtape is on the way.”

“Summer music in Triple D continues, as Tunk releases a new head banger featuring Brown of Sore Losers sure that may just bust your speakers. “Hustlaz” acts as the lead single from Tunk’s forthcoming ‘Direct Deposit’ mixtape, due out later in 2012. Take a look at what Tunk had to say about the record below: “Hustlaz” is a Southern, head bussin, rush of inspiration [and serves as a] reminder that before you go into battle you must study your opponent. We’ve peeped the game and are ready to attack.” Welp. There ya go. Listen and load below.”

“As the summer comes to an end and the presidential debates begin, Tunk starts off his campaign for ND2 with this new release “Bon Appetit” prod by Breeze The Beat Machine.”

“In preparation for No Defeat 2, @BadMuthaTunka drops a new record entitled "Bon Appetit" produced by @BreezeENY.”