Tumbleweed Wanderers / Press

“TUMBLEWEED WANDERERS “My Old Home” * * * * Tumbleweed Wanderers promised glockenspiel, and glockenspiel is what we got. What they didn’t promise is that they would feature it in a song as great as “My Old Home,” which is basically their mission statement set to music. In this sad but hopeful folk-pop tune, Zak Mandel-Romann and Jeremy Lyon sing of revisiting their old home and their old lives, finding the record store closed, the clubs destroyed, and the music scene gone. Solution: play some rock n’ roll. It’s the perfect requiem for the wave of teenage garage-pop bands the duo spearheaded a year and a half ago as part of the Audiophiles, but upon accepting its fate, the duo prefers to move on, visiting an old friend instead of wasting any more time playing for a lost audience. As much as we’d all love to hear another “Nerd Chic” or “The End,” maybe their decision was for the best.”

“TUMBLEWEED WANDERERS “Someday You’ll Understand” * * * 1/2 If the Audiophiles’ environment was the hilly, weed-scented heart of San Francisco, Tumbleweed Wanderers are aiming more for the Great Wide Open. “Someday You’ll Understand,” the first single from the post-Audiophiles project of Jeremy Lyon and Zak Mandel-Romann, is an acoustic, leaving-everything-behind ballad supported by a sunny yet lonely 6/8 guitar vamp and the loose vocal harmonies of the duo. The riff and the uncertain lyrics create a contrast that works surprisingly well--if there’s any sort of a cliffhanger at the end as the duo drives off into the sunset, the music is reassuring enough. There’s a bright future waiting for them somewhere along that road, and if all goes well, one for the Tumbleweed Wanderers too.”