TS Henry Webb / Press

"What an awesome experience to see you play. You are a joy, and laughter, and genius and sorrow and...a potent hallucinogen. Blew me away. Thank you for sharing that with me T.S. You inspire me.

Ben Dale - via email

"Listening to TS Henry Webb's music is like taking a walk thru your own transgenerational bohemia; the sun is shining in your favorite cafe, as old beatniks, young slackers, and foreign travelers drink coffee, smile and listen with the heart".

Kevin L Burrows - Liner Notes

"T.S. can shift gears suddenly, and from sunny day, take you to urban full moon night; neon souls walking midnight streets, when 3AM is always yesterday's madness and tomorrow's new dawn."

Kevin L Burrows - Liner Notes

"All too often 'alternative ' music seems to mean 'the musicians can't play'. It's nice to find alternative music that is grounded in melody, rhythm, meter, counterpoint. In short, real music."

Kevin L. Burrows - Liner Notes

"It was really nice to hear you perform at the Bisbee Farmers' Market. Bisbee, as you probably know, is a music town with many fine groups, but once you've lived here for over 33 years, it's great to hear someone else. Not just someone else, but a fine musician!"

Richard Byrd - via e-mail