Tommy Young / Press

“showers of love over everything.." You can never keep me away from a good ol' reverse guitar effect, and I just love the psych-trippy vibe of "dancing in the sun", and boy, LOVE those handclaps. Real claps!! What a beautiful track! And great to hear such a subtle blend of electronica with an almost gospel feel to "Hold On". Fantastic, emotive songwriting! Lovin your skillz!”


“Listening to "Hold On" today... it's wonderful. The vocal harmonies are stunningly exquisite. Love it. 10 MILES OF BLUE: LOVE YOU!!!”

10 MILES OF BLUE , Atlanta Ga.

“Hey Tommy man - really digging the new tune '1000' - great sounds dude! wicked cool guitarin' bro!”

Colin Scallan - Dublin , Ireland

“Terrific sound and tracks! All the best for continued success on REVERBNATION and all of your other musical endeavors…..With warmest regards ♪♪♪♪♪ Pat Branch in NYC”

Pat Branch - New York City

“Tommy my Bro you are just flat kicken some musical ass!”

Nick Calandrino - Gunboat Kings Los Angeles

“Thank you Tommy..and here I am again getting goosebumps all over listening to "Sage"..God !! so love it, and now listening to "Dream"... Love your talent too Mr Tommy.. :) Gonna hang and keep playing you songs for a while..”

Jen Dwyer - She SaiD & Hillbilly Dix ( S. Australia )