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“For those who like: David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, Toronto's Truth Panel play mature alternative rock that really does stand on the shoulders of giants. Listen to "Passion Fades", which sounds like Cohen singing Bowie's "Heroes"”

“Truth Panel – Preliminary Hearing (self released) :: This one gets bonus points awarded right off the top for having a smart band name and an equally brainy album title that conceptually fits the former. Even better, the band actually lives up to that initial assertion by offering up eleven tracks that sound like Ian Hunter refereeing a back alley balladeer brawl between Elliott Murphy and Leonard Cohen with the Tragically Hip serving as special guest enforcer.”

“Garage Band Idol Review Sunday, May 22, 2011 by Darryl Sterdan Sun Media Music Writer (Toronto Sun et al) Truth Panel "Finding good new music aimed at grownups is easier said than done these days. So kudos to these Torontonians for acting their age. Their slow-burning tunes such as Launch Campaign, Human Drama and Passion Fades are steeped in the tasteful classic rock textures of bands such as Pink Floyd; their lyrics are thoughtful and soulful; and their singer's pipes are midway between a Dylanesque rasp and a Cohenish rumble. Not bad, dads." Darryl's verdict *** "The Real Deal"”

“Launch Campaign is a knockout song even though - yep you guessed it - it's a ballad, but a rare ballad; one that makes sense musically. It's got some lovely production touches too, reminds me somewhat of the Beatles in their orchestral period. As you can see, they are currently over at Reverbnation but I'm sure Soundclick would be equally as welcoming, we need music like this. Excellent introduction, one to watch. Highly Recommended rock pop.”

“Re: Truth Panel's "Human Drama" Very interesting voice first off. Somewhere between Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.....I like the melody and I like the song. It's a nice, little package.....I really like the backgrounds. Best "La's" I have heard in a minute. Tasteful and not cheesy!! The lyrics are personal....you may miss out on some of the crowd that prefers universal lyrics... but I am also betting on everyone having their own Tiny, Human drama. Most of all I like the attitude that you have towards your music. It's very much "so what" You write what you love... you record it and present it. It's all anyone can ask. I applaud your efforts, sir!”

“Sometimes when a listener hears a band for the first time, he or she just knows it feels good. This might be how this band would be described. It reminds me of the new wave artists, but at the same time that could never define this band. It is easy to tell the there is a genuine inclusion of many influences. This is a band that sort of fell together, like a happy accident because they all lived so close together, but I feel we all can benefit from it. In many ways they remind me of Pink Floyd, yet again they cannot be defined by it. This is a unique band that just sounds good.”

“Audiosparx New Artist! Truth Panel is a group of musicians who hail from Canada with touching male vocals and stunningly soulful lyrics. Truth Panel will be releasing their debut album, Preliminary Hearing, during 2010.”

“Re: "Human Drama" by Truth Panel "A song with an engaging vibe for fans of 80s adult pop"””

“Truth Panel's "Passion Fades" There’s a pleasing shorthand quality to the sentiments on display here...”

“Re:Human Drama “Hours of boring A&R meeting are made worthwhile when you come across a song of this calibre."”

“Is Human Drama by Truth Panel an Earworm?”