Truth Corroded / Press

".... Dark thrash combined with the urgent feel of death metal, tried by many but accomplished competently by few, Truth Corroded nail it with such passion and desperation, it is truly inspiring...Without a doubt the best metal recording I've heard, from ANYWHERE, in quite a while. Buy it! "

Music S.A, Australia

"...Truth Corroded have really outdone themselves here. With a world class sound.. the band sound somewhere between Lamb Of God, Testament and The Haunted... Its rare to hear such a tried and tested sound nailed so well"

BLUNT Magazine, Australia

“.... Truth Corroded deliver 11 tracks of dominating thrash which offers the listener an unrelenting foray into the true world of thrash metal .... For fans of Lamb Of God, The Haunted and Testament "”

Metal Obsession, Australia

" Truth Corroded have well and truly outdone themselves with 'Upon The Warlords Crawl'. And given the success that they had with the last album, it doesn't take a genius to understand that 'Upon The Warlords Crawl' is going to really take the band to the next level in no time at all"


"..Absolutely crushing... as impressive as anything to emerge from either Lamb Of God or DevilDriver in recent times"


“ "....There really are some gems in the Aussie metal scene all around the country, and the one shining the brightest is clearly Truth Corroded "”

The Metal Forge

““...100% attitude..the doors should be opened wide for Truth Corroded "”