Truth Behold / Press

“These lads show off their creative chops time and time again in each song. In fact, during my first listen to Maieutic, there was not a single song play that didn't have me catching myself for making that snarled up "ermergerhd" metal face. It's a beautiful thing and they made me be a repeat offender. Way to go dicks.”

“Where do bands like this come from? Absolutely love it when i get my face punched in by bands like these.”

“Upon traveling down the road of life you rarely ever come across something that takes you for a hellacious ride and leaves you breathless. The boys from Truth Behold are my hellacious ride. Each song has its own message and format to get you in-tune with these gracious gentlemen all under the drinking age, believe it or not have already got a release under their belt. As well as being young gents, they all personally produced this CD. Talk about a lot at once for being just only 18! The CD has everything I want in a band.”