Truman Holland / Press

"Add one part Blues, a splash of Roots Rock, a pinch of Country and Bluegrass and a dash of New Orleans Funk - and you get a hot and spicy GUMBO that is THE BACK PORCH REVIEW. These talented artists know how to put it down and deliver a show that encompasses the bests varieties of original AMERICAN music. Worth every moment" - A Back Porch Reviewer

“Steak, Seafood and Truman Holland. You have lived and gone to heaven. If you come down River Road to the Rivershack tomorrow for the seafood and steak specials – which are well worth it – you might leave hungry. You might just end up tapping your foot and shaking your rear too much to be bothered ordering. Truman Holland and The Back Porch Review sound just like the amalgamation of “blues, jazz, gospel, bluegrass, country and funk,” that their website professes them to be. And are the perfect accompaniment for a night by the levee. Expect to be humming tunes on the ride home. If you don’t like to dance on an empty stomach, you’re in luck. It’s steak and seafood night, as noted above, with a nice special on a great plate of chow. Just try to make sure your fish doesn’t start singing along – that’s a sign you should have started eating before you started drinking. ”

"This group of talented artists ...are each noteworthy on their own - but together, their individual talents merge into something entirely unforgettable. Difficult to put into any one genre, they are a combination of Hillbilly Folk, Louisiana Roots, New Orleans Funk, and Old Time Americana. Whatever you want to call it, we think the Review is pretty damn great. These guys will show you a good time and get you up and dancing, and, like their hit song "Hot Wings," the sounds of The Back Porch Review are as insidious and lingering as "the lovin' of a Louisiana woman!" If the Back Porch Review is coming to your town - do yourself a favor and Be There!"

Bill Hanks - Fan Review

"That same night, Lafayettes very well-known prodigal son, Drew Landry (bandryland.com) , played at Artmosphere with the Truman Holland Band opening. Holland is originally from Ponchatoula, and has played since the early '90s with various New Orleans bands. Like the strawberries his hometown is famous for, Holland is full of Louisianas lifeblood, close to the vine and true to his roots. He plays like he has reverence for Delta blues and early '60s country-Western music, and he was great in conjunction with Drew Landrys style. I hope they play on the same night again."

Anna Purdy - The Times of Acadiana