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“The ten tracks are all full of blistering guitar solos, strong rhythm, and vocals that are clean and powerful. ‘Slippin/Slidin’ is the first track and it almost instantly hooks you on the sound. ‘High Time’ reminds me a lot of some of my favorite acts. Allen isn’t afraid to sing instead of scream, and it makes for a song that is easily a sing along at the top of you lungs track. ‘Walking With The Dead’ goes in the direction of ballad crossed with heavy riffs, and isn’t about what you may think. It is however a heavy sounding track that I like a lot. ‘Take The Wheel’ is my favorite track on this release. It’s got that mosh pit energy that I get into every time. For real head banging moments though ‘Fade With The Night’ is the go to track. The one thing that really stands out about True Witness is the effortless way they combine a positive message with straight up Metal sounds. This is the first band I’ve heard that I would be okay playing around my more pious”

“The Human Condition is a decent album with decent songs, “The Face Of Evil” being one of them. The opening riff is as classic melodic metal as it gets. “Tell Me” may be the best song on this record. It’s got a good, catchy melody to it, the heavy metal thunder is balanced nicely, and the guitar solo is a tasteful blend of virtuosity and necessary melody use. The opening riff to “Take The Wheel” is very cool. The groove to “Fade With The Night” is really cool, a very easy song to latch onto. The entire listening experience is a good one! Chicago, Illinois has been known to be a hotbed for heavy bands, and here’s yet another Chicago group that’s noteworthy. The story of how these guys got together and started playing seems to insinuate that this band was meant to be. I have no doubt they’ll only get better with time, and this album is a decent start. Key Tracks: The Face Of Evil, Take The Wheel, Fade With The Night Daniel Erickson- Muzikreviews.com Staff M”

“In a day and age where 'American Idol' and heavily studio-enhanced music runs rampant, some good old fashioned, straight ahead, unapologetic heavy metal is just what the doctor ordered. And on the full-length debut by True Witness, 'The Human Condition' (releases on April 10th via Dark Star Records) 100% headbanging tunes are offered up throughout. Once 'The Human Condition' is released, the quartet is planning on launching a full U.S. tour in the summer, will be thoroughly promoted at rock radio, and will film a music video (the song has yet to be determined). And another key selling point – the ten-track album is going to be modestly priced at $11.99, which will obviously attract many a headbanger on a budget. True Witness will be bringing the rock in 2012…prepare yourself! ”

“True Witness is all about bringing back good, old-fashioned heavy metal to the people. And as evidenced by their 2012 debut full-length, 'The Human Condition' (issued via Dark Star Records), the group is off to a splendid start. Hailing from Illinois, True Witness is comprised of band members Allen James (Vocals), Randy Gonet (Guitar), Brian Gordon (Bass), and Tom Miller (Drums). And instead of rushing things, the quartet took their time picking the best material for 'The Human Condition' – going as far as tracking nearly two album's worth of tunes. As a result, such standout tracks as "The Face of Evil," "Walking with the Dead," and "High Time" pack quite the metallic punch. And with live dates and a music video planned for later in the year, True Witness will soon be spreading the word to the metal masses.”

“One of the best Metal bands to come out of Chicago in the past few years!!”

Joey DeMarco - United Talent (Chicago)

“Bravewords.com > News > TRUE WITNESS Si... Thu, 11 Feb 2010 14:46:00 GMT True Witness will be available worldwide sometime in the summer of 2010 on Dark Star Records. Don’t miss the band as they perform on December 18th at Chicago City Limits in ... Read More » ”


“ Dark Star Records has announced the signing of Chicago's melodic metal band True Witness. True Witness is: Allen James (Vocals), Randy Gonet (Lead Guitar), Tom Miller (Drums), Aaron Czajka (Rhythm Guitar), Brian Gordon (Bass). ... Read More » ”

Metal Underground.com

“Guitar.com - A place for guitarists to call home TRUE WITNESS Signs With DARK STAR RECORDS. Chicago, Illinois-based melodic metal band TRUE WITNESS has inked a deal with Dark Star Records. ... Read More » ”


“Nothing like a ride down the ass-kickin rock 'n' roll highway. Really sweet . Great sound, hooks, vocals and yes you have that symetry that only comes from years of playing with one another. Its a beautiful thing when everybody in the band knows whats coming down in the next milisecond. Great sound guys! Peace”

Rick Frost

“LOVE the cadence and sound of the vocalist!!! ORIGINAL, in this overdone idiom.YOU guys sound GREAT! ”

Larry Love

“Sounds great! Excellent musicianship and skill! "The Face of Evil" is my favorite song. It's catchy. It makes me move. ”

Solo Joe, Alternatve Artist