“Douglas County Sentinel Newspaper: Local rock band wins two Gospel Choice awards”

“Douglas County Sentinel Newspaper: Local Christian rock band wins national honor”

“True Witness Band Feature – Living Day By Day Magazine April 2013 Edition”

“True Witness - Douglas County Sentinel Newspaper Front Page September 28, 2012: Local Christian rock group earn top prizes in gospel competition”

“Skope Magazine, Treu Witness is definitely our Artist To Watch”

"The band True Witness from the Hudson Valley entertains Friday during the Utica Music and Arts Fest at Hannah Park." Long article with multiple large pictures on the cover of the Observor Dispatch.

Utica Observor Dispatch - Music Fest Plays On

“Canadian American Recording Artist, True Witness is a New York based band. Their positive contemporary musical style is a blend of acoustic and electric rock n’ roll that identifies with all age ranges. Their passion is to offer thought provoking songs that describe life’s struggles, and present clear, simple solutions of hope with an encouraging positive message in tough times. Their distinctive rock sound offers an alternative of strength, faith and hope to everyone living through the struggles and challenges of each day. Beginning February 2010, the band launched their third Tour series, “You Can’t Silence the Lamb” and as of June, 2010, True Witness signed with Canadian American Records, Ltd, Ursula Music / BMI. The “Once In Time” CD was re-mastered for radio and has been released Nationally and Internationally. "How Love Lit The Full Moon" and “On High” are featured radio releases. Website: www.truewitness.com ”