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“Thank You so Much Bro! I Hope You ALL were as blessed as I was with your being Here! God Bless You!”

“Label sign new Christian rock band Prodigal CORTLAND, Ohio-based rock band Prodigal, fronted by Daniel Lazzari have recently been signed by Tate Music Group. Lazzari battled with a drug addiction for 10 years before having his life changed through God. His testimony can be read on the group's website, prodigalband.com. Prodigal released their debut album, 'For Your Glory' independently in 2012.”

“Thank You for joining us for our Spring Telethon! We really appreciate the time you spent with us helping to raise operating funds! The Telethon proved to be the most successful fundraiser we've had in a number of years. The response was good from the viewing audience. We had much more participation in this event than we've had in awhile, and we are confident that you helped make it possible. You were Awesome with great energy. We sure need that! We sincerely thank you for your part in the Victory, May God Bless you in every way! Denny & Marge Hazen Ministries, Faith Ministry Radio, Plus or Minus 60 Television and the Christian Broadcasting Center, FM Radio 90.9 WJDD & 90.1 WJEE”

"Cortland Man, Danny Lazzari finds success singing Gods Praises. No one can deny the success, His name is signed to a record label and multiple T.V. appearences Danny is working with His band Prodigal on their second album"Whether it was divine intervention or not, one cannot deny Lazzari's record label contract and songs on the radio are proof he is finding success in the music business. "I believe God rescued me to show others they can have hope in Christ," he says. .