True Margrit / Press

“{The Juggler's Progress} is packed with upbeat piano pop/rock... True Margrit is refreshing and intriguing.”

"The baker's dozen cuts on The Juggler's Progress (Bobo Tunes), written by Margrit Eichler, are clever, catchy pop tunes that inspire toe-tapping and head-bobbing. Eichler, who works the piano keys over like a queer Ben Folds, and fellow bandmates have created an irresistible collection of tunes..."

"...nuclear piano..."

"...We're loving the music. It's catchy stuff that I end up humming for days after I listen to it. Thanks for being awesome."

TJ Gunther - VICRadio

“True Margrit's third long player, following up the mastery of the knockout Seaworthy, is another propulsive, piano-as-attack-dog master-craft lesson in how to roll out the pop by investing the entire rainbow of emotion, peppered by a bubble of crusty ambivalence, in songs about foibles, follies and honest mistakes. Played, once again, by the ace, core trio of piano magician Margrit Eichler, bassist Gary Hobish and percussionist Andrew Bacon, Eichler's highly literate songs roll like little 3D movies--music made for IMAX theaters, widescreen imaginations...and air pianists everywhere.”

"...cerebral lyrics inspired by time travel, mountain climbing and centipedes, paired with upbeat keys and a dynamic on-stage presence from frontwoman Margrit Eichler... Next time someone announces that True Margrit is playing, don’t dillydally around. Check it out."

"...just enough pop flavor to be head-boppingly catchy, and just enough indie quirk to keep your ears on their toes."

“...surprisingly smart. If you like Ben Folds...you will be left with that mental acuteness and cracked smile that comes with being cheered up. Eichler’s voice is...husky yet so stretchable and tangible, inescapably endowing the record with a loveable quirkiness.”

"...Margrit’s music is smooth and punchy and swells like the cry of a ringmaster demanding you understand how difficult the trapeze really is."

“True Margrit is one of those delightful enigmas I'm lucky enough to encounter now and again. The songs on The Juggler’s Progress ...always come back to the essential elements of good pop music: strong melodies, mind-bending chord changes, and hooks that stick in your head. Highly recommended.”

David Bash, Founder/CEO - International Pop Overthrow Music Festival

“...wild woman keyboard player has the heart and soul of a gifted chanteuse...”

Michael Cronin - Teenage Kicks

“True Margrit's Seaworthy is a collection of Margrit Eichler's clever and sea-salty ruminations on space, time, vanity, and ethereal connections. Those who ... want to hear a singer-songwriter whose words and music stand up for themselves, should give this album a listen.”

“Eichler's songs have their own sexy, anxious take on interpersonal politics....the language and Eichler's delivery have a surreal edge...that bridges the gap between what you hear on the radio and what sticks in your head.”

Dmitri Ragano - San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Margrit is a genius in the vein of Pete Townsend.”

Joe Cote - San Francisco Spectrum

“Eichler's playful use of language and keen ability to flesh out a story, sometimes with the barest of details, is one of this singer/songwriter’s greatest, most affecting traits.”