True Apothecary / Press

“This is a band who know what they're doing. The rise and fall of the tune sits brilliantly with the emotion of the vocal. Check it out.”

“True Apothecary have got their name down to a tee as their awe-inspiring, uplifting and soothing sound would easily cure any emotional distress. They have encapsulated a raw emotive sound that just oozes love, laughter and sensuality. These emotions are beautifully supported by an incredibly, breath-taking vocal performance, delicate guitar melodies and very perplexing drum beat that adds a raw edge to this song. ”

“The first thing that hits me about this song is that it doesn't use many instruments but fills out the sound really well. The guitars are used to play several different riffs and the use of harmonics sounds great. The vocalist has a strong voice that is very appealing to potential listeners. I truly enjoyed listening to ‘High Noon'.”

“Creating melodic-leaning rock that is tuneful and emotional without going all soft on you”

"Treat your ears right. Listen to this album." in reference to True Apothecary's Thank you, janitor. Thank you, scientist. EP

“The Westchester, NY-based True Apothecary presents the listener with a style of tunes as obscure as the film references it makes. It’s debut EP Thank You, Janitor, Thank You Scientist, which alludes to a conversation held in the film Half Baked between Thurgood Jenkins (Dave Chapelle), and an uppity scientist at a pharmaceutical plant, is as alluring a title, to this journo at least, as the group’s catalogue of spacious and experimental Indie-Pop tunes. It’s ambient soundscape construction performed behind melodious Singer/Songwriter-esque tunes, and a truly original and enchanting take on both of those musical stylings…enjoy this next cut from that record “High Noon.””

“...the four man band has great chemistry together...they are good.”

“True Apothecary is an experimental/pop/rock band from Westchester County, New York. Trying to sum up their sound in a sentence or two is unlikely, but if Circa Survive had a love child with John Mayer, they’d probably hang out with that kid on the regular. For more info visit www.trueapothecarymusic.com, www.trueapothecary.bandcamp.com, and www.facebook.com/trueapothecary”

"Hearing David Brooks of True Apothecary Sing is just fantastic, you hear the hard work behind his music come forth in his songs."