Truckee River Band / Press

“July 8: Truckee River Band Though not a tribute band, this eclectic group tends to perform a lot of classic rock cover songs, usually at area open-mics. The members are decades apart, beginning with 12-year-old Imann “Sparky” Singh wailing on the guitar. Mark “Shadow” Chamness is on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Singh’s brother Cliff “The Black Hat Gringo” Perry is on bass. Main act: Beatles tribute band Because.”

“The Truckee River Band, whom I saw perform recently, is not a typical Reno rock band. The lead guitarist, Imann “Sparky” Singh, is 12 years old. His tiny hands wail and pound out big ol’ classic rock guitar solos. He likes to wear a purple top hat and has a wide-eyed look on his face as he plays—something between baffled astonishment and giddy excitement. Mark “Shadow” Chamness, 22, a soft-spoken African-American, is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. His vocals seem casual at first, but he’s able to carry big melodies and convey complex emotions, like the dread of “Bad Moon Rising.” Bassist Cliff “The Black Hat Gringo” Perry, 32, is Singh’s brother. He stands about two feet taller than his band mates, and whereas they look young dudes who might be into skateboarding and videogames, he dresses in full cowboy regalia—hat, boots, belt buckle, mustache and all.”