TRU-BURN / Press

"There will be enough bass and bang on stage to leave you limp for days."

“Tru-Burn did more than just get the crowd warmed up they hit everyone like a sonic sledgehammer. Miles Powell has a stage presence similar to Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God. When he starts to sing and perform with the band he captures everyone’s attention and keeps it for the total show.”

“The danger in trying to not sound like something is you end up sounding like nothing, but Tru-Burn has avoided that. The dual bass/dual vocalist approach carves an identity for the foursome, and one song in particular really works toward what they're trying to accomplish. The instrumental track "84" is thoughtful (but still hardcore) guitar soloing over a more than capable rhythm track. Overall, the band is creative enough to create its own genre set upon the lip of hard rock without spilling into metal. The result should please fans of both.”