“Marcoe has a great and powerful voice. They have a rock-sounding rhythm that's melodic, with excellent riffs. Songs on "Earth" reflect a serene side while generating power, like a volcanic eruption. We believe objectively that TRUBADOR is a group that is the most pleasing to discover.”

“Hard rock with serious tonalities, low omnipresence, a clear battery in mid tempo with the whole accompanied by a serious and melodic voice. The album remains very involving and filled with hooks.”

“Trubador is a band worth discovering and exploring musically. Their music was created from the inside and not for the need to succeed. Do not expect songs from Trubador to be your typical three-minutes in the structure. Their attitude toward record companies says it all: "if you're a record company that cares only about 100% money and nothing else .... F' off".”

“You are still able to find the rare gem that breaks the mold dictated by the mainstream, and Trubador is one such band. The self-released debut, Earth, raises the bar for the genre. Trubador takes a melodic approach to the mid-90′s sound with Earth. Every song on the album consistently delivers the goods. This is highly recommended.”

“Trubador is a grunge/metal band that released their debut CD "Earth." Trubador brings back the sounds of classic Black Sabbath and "grunge gods" Alice in Chains. Sure to please fans of the "Grunge Era", they sing about the dark side of life with passion.”

“TRUBADOR - The Realest band in the World! Honest, direct and delivers a promise for the future. I somehow know they will hit it big in the future and I want to be able to say that “I was there when it started”.”

"Here's the deal...we can be friends provided you continue playing ass-kicking music like what you got on your profile...I didn't want to click away while I was previewing your tunes cuz I was jammin! Would you be so kind as to send me a CD so I can play you on the radio?"

“I'd like to be the first to say that this album is great. Each song has a different tone to it, which I like. Some heavy metal, some acoustic, and some early 90's sounds like "another life." Keep it up guys, caus I'm waiting for the next album. 5/5”

“as always you hold me from beginning to end. My life has been forever changed thru your outlook on life and your inner beauty. God Bless - youtube ID beaudaisy”


“Many years ago when i first heard Black Sabbath who were a local band to where i live there was a kind of eerie sadness to there sound which draws you in and i just loved them they were differen't to all the other rock bands. When i hear you guys play you have the same effect on me.”


"I just have to say You guys are one of the last new bands that have a meaning in a carrer. my life is also music. when you guys are ready to make albums, ill be one of the first to buy your album."


“Black Crow - F*** me dead, I'm blown away...AGAIN!!!!!!! You guys are the greatest gift to Rock/Metal since, whenever... Can't wait to have your debut album 'EARTH' in physical form spinning in my player! you not just rock - you are reinventing it and bringing it back to life!!!!!”


“Wow I just randomly came across this band while looking for Schecter Baritone vids, Needless to say I'm sold on the guitar but f***in' blown away by this great band. 5/5 and keep rockin' brothers you got yourself another sub.”


“Hey guy's, i just love this..thought that maybe your songs might all be of a similar vein but this is differen't from anything i've heard from you before...It's MONSTER, shows you have the writing skills to keep us hooked, fantastic, you seem to be getting better and better- WICKED man!”


"This may sound like a silly request but PLEASE leave the demo of ‘Another Life’ intact. It’s raw and real. I played it for a mate of mine yesterday and he was blown away by the depth of it. Said he got goose bumps! Seriously. Do you guys have a banner link I could display on my page?"