“Can You believe it? "T" Roy Taylor hit #1 This week with his new one, "Don't Put Me Down Brother". Its a little wild, but the harmonies that remind me so much of Crosby, Stills and Nash just blow me away. IF you haven't herd this song, you gotta check it out. Really! - James Banfield Indie Gospel TOP TEN CHART (Week of August 26, 2012)”

"DON'T PUT ME DOWN BROTHER" by "T" Roy Taylor from the SOLUTIONS CD Climbs to Number #2!! Week of 8-19-2012. 2. James Banfield's TOP TEN CHART #2-10 Songs of the Week** 2. "Don't Put Me Down Brother" by "T" Roy Taylor from Redondo Beach, CA. "T" Roy.. I gotta talk to you one on one... Don't ya know, you ain't supposed to have multi-songs from an album and get them played on the Top Ten Chart? HAHAHA ... How many songs have come from "Solutions" that hit the chart? I think 4. And I never liked this kinda of music either.. But the harmonies are so cool, it reminds of Crosby, Stills, & Nash., sound of the instruments?, a little like "Strawberry Alarm Clock" and the lyrics? What a message!.... Man, I'm Running Out of "JATO"s (Jet Assisted Take Off). It''s gettin hard to pick the songs they are all so good! Blessings to you.. great job "T" on "Don't Put Me Down Brother"

“**This day of March 4, 2012** Congratulations “T” Roy Taylor on blessing us with The #1 Song of the Week of 03/04/2012 … “Mr. Cool Demeanor” It has been on the chart for 7 weeks, and now in it's 7th week it is at #1. Most people would think that this song doesn't even belong on a Gospel Chart, but the message is quite clear, You need to treat her as the scriptures say to. Again, congratulations on having the #1 Song of the Week. Thank You for being such a blessing to us all. James L. Banfield JB's Top Ten Indie Gospel Songs http://indiegospel.org/profile/jamesbanfield797”

“Mr. Cool Demeanor by T. Roy Taylor Climbs to #2 on James Banfield's TOP 10 SONG List for the week of 02-26-2012. ”

“JB's Top Ten for 02-12-12 is Up and Running! Mr. Cool Deameanor, track one from the CD - Solutions, jumps from #5 to #3 on James Banfield's TOP Ten for the week of 02-12-12. ”

“Mr. Cool Demeanor by T. Roy Taylor climbs to #9 on JAMES BANFIELD's TOP 10 SONGS at IndieGospel.org - "Mr. Cool Demeanor" by "T" Roy Taylor ...Right from the count down, I dig this song... The Bass and The Drums. wow, ya' all really work together awesomely! I love the harmonies they do, my compliments to the lead as well, nice job. Rolling right along with the song, Hey, "T" Roy this is a little different but cotton picker,, it grows on ya! You keep blessing us "T" Roy. Thanks for the blessings! "Mr. Cool Demeanor" is a good song! Blessings. - JB”

“T. Roy Taylor www.reverbnation.com/troytaylor Hailing from Redondo Beach CA, guitarist T. Roy Taylor brings us some rock flavored Christian blues that is very tasty indeed. His song ‘Got a New Life’ has done very well on IndieGospel.org reaching #1 on a song list there. This tune just thumps out with a great bass line I really enjoyed it. All the tracks don’t have an overt gospel message but they all deal with positive affirmations and that’s a great way to outreach, “Wouldn’t Play the Fool” is a good example of this. The songs on his Reverbnation page www.reverbnation.com/troytaylor all feature good guitar work with excellent band arrangements that just rock. Go give a listen for a taste of solid blues rock influenced by groups like the Doors, to Zappa, to Rush and even 70’s funk….. Categories: Music Reviews Post | Leave a comment January 1, 2012 ”


“JAMES BANFIELD'S TOP TEN SONGS LIST for the week of 04-17-2011 / The Number One Song of the Week: 04-17-2011 / "Got a New Life" by "T" Roy Taylor - from the CD Solutions / Congratulations "T" Roy on being #1”

“JAMES BANFIELD TOP TEN SONGS for the week of 04-02-2011 You gotta hear "T" Roy's song "Got a New Life". It'll Wake You UP! for sure.. what I like about it is that, it reminds me of the new life I got when I accepted Jesus into my life at 45. The life in this song is right there. The roughness of the newbie just coming into Jesus Christ. The Energy of that new life ... the excitement .. "T"Roy Taylor managed to bring it all into one song .... "Got a New Life" ... Keep it coming brother... nice job on having the #4 song”

“HOT ROCK TUNES THAT WILL STAY ON YOUR MIND!! Author: DJ Sentoria" Ice G", KLAS 89.7 FM radio station - Hollywood, Ca. I have had the opportunity to promote T. Roy Taylor and everyone loves his music because of the excitment and professionalism in the instrmentation and the meaningful songs. Very well written. It was worth the wait.... I highly recommend that you buy this cd because it's a classic already!! With Robby Krieger, legendary Rock n Roll Hall of Fame guitarist of THE DOORS, playing slide guitar on Mr. Cool Demeanor, and Arthur Barrow on bass (bass player and bandleader for Frank Zappa), along with all the other famous musicians colaborating on this cd. Buy it now!!!!! Don't sleep it's rockin!!! DJ Sentoria "Ice G" KLAS 89.7 FM radio station - Hollywood, Ca.. It's hot!!!!!!!! ”