Troy Petty / Press

“Petty is authentic in each of his songs. He tells in his songs of personally and professionally experienced successes and failures and the life experience thus gained.”

"Petty released the Departure EP, a triumphant collection.."

“Departure is an EP that manages to get the balance between strife, melancholy and hope right. Petty’s music is a timestamp to the struggles and changes he was going through and there is genuine honesty throughout that can’t be manufactured.”

"The EP Departure expertly blends the abstract with pure passion. Simultaneously raw, personal and out of the box."

"Troy has Nick Zinner-like skill with the sampling pedal, using the surface of the guitar to record percussive sequences between songs that layered to form the rhythm section for his performance."

"Pure Audio Gold... Love at first listen. What an incredible talent."

"Through stories of survival, escape, redemption and regret, singer/songwriter Troy Petty pens lyrics that sting as well as soothe atop a flawless mix of well-honed Americana and polished alternative pop."

Jin Hanke - Forest Bride PR

“Petty is a artist that definitely bares it all in his music, and the listener is better off because of it. His album FAIRY TALE PEN is one that you will find yourself listening to again and again---and each time you will discover something unique and mesmerizing about it.”

“It is as if he has let the listener in on some of his innermost thoughts and struggles. You get the feeling this has not been the only time he has thrown his inhibitions to the wind and placed honesty at the forefront of his concern.”

Alec Cunningham - Review You

“Troy Michael Petty is to Chicago what Chris Isaak is to San Francisco. His band, The Last Dark Show, captures the quiet beauty and stark contrast of the mid-west, while his rhythmic vision and harmonic exploration evoke the tapestries of both our former and future lives. Troy's brand new album, Fairy Tale Pen, is as inventive as it is reliable.”

James Redding - Bitter End Promo Blog

“While most shoegazers are content to stare at the ground, Troy's got a head in the clouds.”

Editor's Review - Download.com

"This local singer-songwriter, who is making his first splashes at clubs around Chicago, does tortured, beautiful boy music at its best. Almost every one of Past's odes is gorgeous and echoey, punctuated by enough eerie falsetto to make you melt many times over." - E. Lenhard

Elizabeth Lenhard - Chicago Magazine

"evinces a level of diversity and sophistication that marks its auteur as a potential visionary rather than just another self-reflective tunesmith." - JIM DeROGATIS POP MUSIC CRITIC

Jim DeRogotis - Chicago Sun Times