Troy Hoss / Press

“Big Hoss...Dude you got some serious f@$#&ing chops”

Trent Tomlinson - Wounded Warrior Concert

“If we could play just one artist for a week...it would be Troy Hoss. Not just because he is THAT good and we love him, but it would take a week to fill the request we get for him. Troy Hoss is a country boy who can deliver touching ballads and in a traditional style lost by today's commercial pop country artists. TROY please play "One More Song" Gumbo YaYa Radio Show WRCR Radio New York”

Gumbo YaYa Radio Show - WRCR Radio New York

“There is no way Nashville won't discover Troy...his voice and songwriting ability is the best I've heard in years.”

Misty Dawn - Colorado Country Music Association

“I heard Troy Hoss's new song "Whiskey's Got A Job To Do". The first thought that came to mind is...WOW!!!!”

SongRamp Review

“Man...how about Troy Hoss? Brother you are AWESOME!! You had me and the band dancin' backstage! What a voice...and you definitely know how to write and pick a song.”

Darryl Worley

“This guy is AWESOME!! His powerful vocals will amaze you. Check Troy out at an upcoming gig and find out for yourself.”

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