Troubadour Dali / Press

“Let’s Make It Right simply sets the bar ever so slightly higher for the rest of the band's St. Louis contemporaries. The melodies are sharper, the beats are more danceable and the vibe is fuzzier. If this is the end result after two years spent marinating its sound in a pressure cooker, then Troubadour Dali has stumbled onto a fantastic sonic recipe.”

“It’s been pointed out in the first reviews—and it’s true—that the shoegazing’s a bit more prominent in the mix this time out, and fans of, say, the last two albums of Ride, will find a comfortable place to land here, as well. While this is a lovely record, indeed, one that’s going to be in the discussion of best local albums of 2011, the group excels in the live setting, too.”

“From the slap-back reverb and twangy guitars that opens the disc with "Pale Glow," the band proves its skill at setting a mood — one that is psychedelic without going too dark or too Day-Glo cheesy. Casey Bazzell places her sirenlike vocals above Ben Hinn's monochromatic, magnetic delivery, which becomes the calm in the eye of the storm, never giving ground to the swells and squalls going on around him.”

“The quartet finds beauty in chaos. Distortion and cranked-up guitars create monster walls of blissful noise, while droning, starry-eyed vocal harmonies and tornadic psych-rock sinkholes add sunburned levity. In 2010, Troubadour Dali released their long-gestating debut album on Euclid Records, the namesake record label of the St. Louis record store. The self-titled release featured strong, focused songwriting, and was a solid snapshot of the band’s history to-date. Thankfully, Troubadour Dali's sophomore effort is coming along a bit faster: The band's been hard at work for months now recording a new album with Jason McEntire at his Sawhorse Studios. According to Euclid Records' Joe Schwab, these new songs are "pretty poppy, with a good amount of the dreamy buzz that's been their signature sound."”