Triumph Over Shipwreck / Press

“Ever heard the term “open a can of whoop-ass”? Well, if you have, maybe you’ve pondered the same thing I have—how does one truly contain whoop-ass? What is it like to confine that raw energy and intense fury into a feeble aluminum can? Perhaps—if you’ve wondered the same thing as I have—you should ask the gentlemen in Texan terrorizers Triumph Over Shipwreck. Their sound—exemplified on their latest album Forever. Ending.—is controlled, metered insanity. Rigid, carefully composed riffs melt under intense Texan heat and drown in ice-cold whiskey and stale, room-temperature beer to provide the same frantic, furious energy your favorite early-2000’s mathcore bands had with a low-down-and-dirty metalcore twist that will have you yellin’ yee-haw and begging for more.”

"Raw, Dynamic, Heartfelt..Chaos. These Texas boys have a good thing going. Can't wait to hear more stuff from them."

“Triumph Over Shipwreck, the mathcore death mongrels hailing from El Paso, TX, are set to release the “Crowncrusher” EP on July 16th. Joseph “Jayell” James, Triumph’s drummer, is ecstatic for this release and states, “Well, I guess this is our first release as a full line up. Our last couple of releases people left the band before completion. We have guest vocal from Nick of Molotov Solution, which rules. He's always been one of my favorite vocalists.””